The Barton English Test: Check your English Level Online for Free

This test will determine your English level. You will be tested on all areas of English (verb tense, prepositions, articles, phrasal verbs, idioms, collocation, etc). There are 10 questions per page. You can continue to the next level if you get a 70% score. If you fail a level, you will have a second chance to pass it.

The test is based on the British Council / EAQUALS Core Inventory for General English and therefore should be a reliable guide to your English level. Good luck!

[Level: A1 Beginner | Failed attempts at this level: 0]
1. My uncle lives ... Canada.
 at in on from

2. My girlfriend and I live together. ... house is on Smith Street.
 We Their Theirs Our

3. Please ... your room today.
 you clean clean cleaning to clean

4. "Do you have a brother?" -- "No, ... ."
 I'm not I don't I have I do

5. My friend Mike lives near my house. ... often play outside together.
 It They I We

6. "Bob, would you like ... a piece of cake?"
 we have having have to have

7. "... your parents home?"
 Do Is Was Are

8. "How old is your dad?" -- He's ... ."
 fifty years old fifty got fifty years fifty years old

9. "What time is it?" -- "It's ... (11:15)."
 quarter to eleven eleven and fifteen eleven fifteen fifteen to eleven

10. My brother is very ... . He plays basketball well.
 expensive high tall long

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