Body Worksheet (Label Body & Face Parts)

Body & Face Labeling Worksheet

Worksheet Download: body-worksheet.doc

I have created a simple body and face worksheet for the study of basic body parts. It has a diagram of the human body to label and a diagram of the human face to label on the same page. The worksheet has two pages. The first page of the worksheet just has pictures to label. The second page includes the vocabulary that matches the worksheet’s labels. Use whichever page you’d like.

Body worksheet vocabulary: wrist, arm, head, chest, knee, thigh, elbow, thigh, ankle, groin, foot, neck, forearm, shoulder, face, leg, palm, umbilical (belly button)

Face worksheet vocabulary: nose, mouth,chin, eyebrow, ear, forehead, eyelash, eye


Body Worksheet Preview: Page 1

body worksheet

Body worksheet Preview: Page 2 (includes vocabulary)

body & face worksheet with vocabulary

Enjoy the worksheets. They’re free.

– Matthew Barton of EnglishCurrent.Com

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