Illness-Symptom-Cause Matching Worksheet (ESL)

Illness + Symptom + Cause Matching Worksheet

ESL Worksheet Download: illnesses-worksheet-esl.doc

Worksheet Level: Pre-intermediate or intermediate


Basic worksheet that requires students to draw a line matching illnesses to their symptoms and potential causes. Feel free to edit the worksheet if you do not think it is accurate. The file includes two cartoons at the bottom related medicine and visiting the doctor.

Illnesses: cold, hangover, diarrhea, flu, hay fever, and sick.

worksheet on illnesses, symptoms, and causes

cartoon #1 is copyright Randy Glasbergen.

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One comment on “Illness-Symptom-Cause Matching Worksheet (ESL)

  1. Christopher Williamson (Posted on 12-19-2016 at 18:05) Reply

    that’s not how you spell continuous toilet trouble!!!

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