Sports Equipment Matching Worksheet (ESL)

Matching Sports & Sports Equipment Worksheet (ESL/EFL)

ESL Level: Beginner / Elementary

This is a free ESL sports worksheet I made for my grade 3 & 4 students. Feel free to download and edit it.

ESL Worksheet Instructions:

Have the students match the equipment in the left hand column to the sport(s) the equipment is used for in the right hand column. Many equipment items are used more than once.

ESL Worksheet Answers:

Tennis (3) – ball, racket, net
Swimming (2) – swimsuit, pool
Baseball (3) – ball, glove, bat
Badminton (3) – racket, shuttlecock, net
Soccer (2) – ball, net
Skiing (2) – skis, ski poles
Cycling (2) – bicycle, helmet
Hockey (4) – puck, stick, skates, net

If you don't agree with the list, or you'd like to alter it, be my guest.

Download the file here: Sports-equipment-match.doc

Here is a preview of the ESL worksheet:

Sports Equipment Matching ESL Worksheet

Sports: Tennis, Swimming, baseball, Badminton, Soccer, Skiing, Cycling, Hockey


– ESL worksheet made by Matthew Barton of

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