Business Ethics: Why Greg Smith Left Goldman Sachs (Upper-Intermediate)

Download the Business Ethics ESL lesson plan here: GoldmanSachs-Smith-UppIntermediate-29032012.docx

(Originally posted: March 2012)
A lesson on ethics in finance

Business Ethics ESL Lesson Plan: Upper-Intermediate: Warm-up (Pair Work)

1) What's the best way to invest for your future?
2) What companies do you feel overcharge or abuse their customers?
3) What is the purpose of a corporation or financial institution?
4) Have you ever quit a job for ethical reasons?
5) What are the values of the company you work for?

Reading: Why Greg Smith Left Goldman Sachs

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5 comments on “Business Ethics: Why Greg Smith Left Goldman Sachs (Upper-Intermediate)

  1. jose (Posted on 7-6-2012 at 05:22) Reply

    hey man, I just wanted to thank you for some of the material you’ve provided. You probably don’t hear it enough, so I’ll say it again, Thanks.

  2. Larry (Posted on 10-11-2012 at 07:03) Reply

    Good job! I had read about Mr. Smith’s resignation in a previous article. Good topic!

  3. Anja (Posted on 1-28-2016 at 09:21) Reply

    Thanks so much for these lesson plans, my upper intermediate students adore them and they have just the right balance between, reading, grammar, understanding and listening skills.

  4. Saghi (Posted on 8-1-2016 at 00:48) Reply

    You’ve been a great help in several aspects, can’t thank you enough.

  5. Teachwithheart (Posted on 11-6-2019 at 03:59) Reply

    Thank you so much for the lessons that you planned with too much dexterity. It covers all aspects that one needs to teach Business English student. I am very choosy and always look for more but your lessons are quite comprehensive. I am all your follower now.

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