What Europeans Think of Americans (C1 Level Lesson)

ESL/EFL Level: C1 (Upper-Intermediate or Advanced)
Lesson Topics: Americans, Europeans, stereotypes
Skill Focus: Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary
Approximate Class Time: 1.5 hours
Lesson Plan Download: europeans-americans-advanced-lesson-062024.docx
Lesson Overview:

  • Note: This lesson should be accessible to both upper-intermediate and advanced levels.
  • After warm-up questions and a prediction exercise, students watch a YouTube video (3:48) from 2018 on what Europeans think of Americans. The video is from 2018 though the comments are still relevant (especially considering that Trump is running for re-election).
  • The video is followed by recall activity, reading comprehension questions, and a vocabulary-matching activity. Next, students match vocabulary from the video to definitions and then form discussion questions using the target vocabulary.
  • There are three debate topics related to the U.S., Europe, and Donald Trump. Next, the lesson has one role-play scenario involving a friend who is considering moving to the other student's home country.
  • As a bonus, there is a short activity asking students to compare their country to the United States in terms of education, health, food, and other criteria.
  • After famous quotations, the lesson ends with a review of vocabulary and collocations before presenting some final discussion questions.

AI-generated image of European and American symbols

UPPER-INT/ADVANCED (C1) Lesson on Americans & Europeans


  1. Where was the last country that you visited? What was your opinion of the people there?
  2. How would you describe Europeans?
  3. What do you think are the biggest differences between European and American lifestyles?

Prediction: You are about to watch a video describing what Europeans think of Americans. What positive and negative ideas do you think the video will mention? Make a list below.

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Comprehension Question Answer Key

  1. Recurring ideas include loudness, obesity, fast food, Donald Trump, and guns.
  2. She is saying that Americans embrace their new identity as Americans while Austrians identify with the heritage of their family.
  3. The phrase “from dishwasher to millionaire” is used to express the idea that anyone can make it if they work hard.

Vocabulary 1-keen on, 2-dominated, 3-systemic, 4-superficial, 5-put me off, 6-portions, 7-idolize, 8-stereotypes, 9-heritage, 10-restricted

Collocations 1-b, 2-d, 3-c, 4-a

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