Free English Vocabulary Test (PDF)

This free English vocabulary test in PDF format may be used by teachers and schools to check a student's English vocabulary level. The test is based on the Barton English Vocabulary Test, which students can take online here.

This test is five pages, with each page corresponding to a CEFR level. These levels are as follows:

  • A2: Elementary
  • B1: Intermediate
  • B2: Upper-Intermediate
  • C1: Advanced
  • C2: Proficient

Each level has 15 questions. The difficulty of each word was determined by the English Vocabulary Profile (EVP) for levels A2-B2 and the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) for the final levels.

English Vocabulary Test (PDF) with Answers

Download link: English Vocabulary Test-EnglishCurrent

Recommended Grading Method

Students should get 70% of the answers correct to complete a level, which is a minimum score of 11/15.

English Vocabulary Test Answer Key



Conditions of Use

The test may be freely photocopied for educational purposes. I have purposely not branded it for ease of use.  Please do not edit, brand, or modify for redistribution.


I hope you find this printable test useful for your classes. If you find a mistake, please leave a comment below so I can update the document and PDF.

-- Matthew Barton of (copyright)

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