Board Game: Conjunctive Adverbs / Transition Words (EAP)

ESL Level: Upper-Intermediate to Advanced

Language Focus: Conjunctive Adverbs (Transition Signals), Speaking

Time required: 30 – 45 minutes

Material: One board game per group (ideally enlarged), slips of paper for sentences for each student

Board game downloadconjunctive-adverb-board-game.docx

It’s hard to make EAP (English for Academic Purposes) class fun. Here is a board game you can play to lighten the mood and review conjunctive adverbs.

A board game for EAP class

Conjunctive Adverb (Transition Signals) Board Game Instructions

Basic idea: Students read a sentence. Afterwards, they roll the dice to move on the board. They then have to use the transition word on the square to ‘transition’ from the previous sentence into a new idea.

To play, you’ll need sentences that students can read. If you have recently studied some content (e.g. a novel), you can prepare the sentences based on it. Otherwise, an easier approach could be as follows.

  • Give each student five or so blank slips of paper. On each slip, students should write a sentence. Give them ideas for sentences, for example, a sentence about
    • one thing they did yesterday.
    • one thing they want to do in life.
    • their opinion of [your current city].
    • something people should know about their home town/country.
    • The most important thing in life.

Again, these should be written in full sentences.

  • Put students in groups of 3 or 4, and have them mix their sentences. Let them roll to see how goes first. The first player then rolls and lands on a square with a transition word (e.g. ‘Furthermore’). The student to their right then picks a sentence from the pile of slips and reads it, (e.g. “Next year, I want to visit New York”). The current player then adds a transition and a sentence (“Furthermore, I want to visit Los Angeles to see Hollywood.”). If the sentence makes sense, the student can stay in the square s/he landed on (‘Furthermore’). Otherwise, they have to return to where they were.
  • The game then goes on until someone finishes.

Notes: There are two tongue twisters and a question about FANBOYS on the board. Change these as needed.

I hope you can find this activity useful for your EAP classes.

— Created by Matthew Barton (copyright) of

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  1. Eugene (Posted on 5-24-2018 at 21:48) Reply

    I used this today to teach transition signals. It rocks!

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