Daily Routine Board Game to Practice Present Simple (ESL)

Board Game for Practice of Daily Routines (Present Simple)

ESL Level: Beginner

Activity Strengths: Practice of Present Simple, fun

Target Language: “I wake up (at 7 o’clock).


This is a simple board game I created in MS Word to practice the present simple tense. With my students, I first practice the phrase “I watch TV at 3 o’clock.” Then I put my class into groups of three and give each group one board game sheet. Since there are only 22 squares on the board game, I gave them a 1 cent coin instead of a die to use. The students flip the coin to determine how many spaces to move (the side with “1” on it = 1 space, the other side = 2 spaces).

If you don’t want to practice times, then simply open the .doc file and edit the board game and remove the times.


Board Game Preview:

Daily Routine Board Game/Worksheet

Disclaimer: I do not hold the copyright to the clipart images used in this ESL board game.

Have fun!

– Matthew Barton / www.englishcurrent.com

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4 comments on “Daily Routine Board Game to Practice Present Simple (ESL)

  1. Maitén (Posted on 9-29-2013 at 16:32) Reply

    Thanks a lot! It was a really nice idea since teaching present simple could be really boring sometimes! Thanks A LOT again !

  2. Ruba (Posted on 5-17-2016 at 14:50) Reply

    Thank you

  3. Eva Machmud (Posted on 2-12-2017 at 07:40) Reply

    Thank you.. it is so helpful..

  4. Tati (Posted on 10-26-2020 at 19:04) Reply

    Thank you for sharing! ;-)
    Really nice!

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