Writing Questions Quiz (Intermediate ESL)

For Students: WH-Questions and Yes/No Questions Quiz

Quiz Focus: WH and Yes/No questions in the Present Simple, Present Perfect, Present Progressive, and Past Simple.

ESL Level: Intermediate

Number of Questions: 18

Estimated time: 5 minutes

First, you will see the answer to a question. Then, you should write the question that matches the answer below it. For example:

  • Answer: I ate pizza for lunch.
  • Question: What did you eat for lunch?


  • If there is an underlined word in the answer, then it should be the target of your question. (That is the information the question wants to know.)
  • Don’t forget to put a question mark!
  • Spelling is important.

Each section has 4-5 questions. Type your answers on the lines below. Use the Tab key to move from question to question.

Writing Questions Quiz

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2 comments on “Writing Questions Quiz (Intermediate ESL)

  1. laith (Posted on 3-3-2017 at 12:45) Reply

    There is something wrong in this system , even though i answered so many questions correctly but i got wrong answers!

    1. mb Post author (Posted on 3-3-2017 at 14:27) Reply

      Sorry to hear that, Iaith. Can you give me an example of an answer that was marked as incorrect?

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