Idioms about Good and Evil (by English Hangover)

These seven idioms about good and evil are brought to you by our friends at English Hangover. Watch their fun video (5:39), then review the list of idioms (below), and finally complete the short quiz to reinforce what you have learned.

7 Idioms about Good & Evil: Definitions & Examples

1. A handsome devil

Definition: an extremely good-looking man

Ex. A: Wow, you look great Matt. You are a handsome little devil.

     B: Gee, thanks mom!

2. A badass

Definition: a person who is tough, makes their own rules, and is intimidating. It’s often cool if someone is a badass.

Ex. That leather jacket looks great on you! Get some sunglasses and you’ll be a total badass.

3. A guilty pleasure

Definition: something you secretly enjoy and usually don’t want others to know.

Ex. I love “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift, but don’t tell my sister. She’ll make fun of me forever! It’s my guilty pleasure.

4. An angel

Definition: something you call people who are always very kind or when a person does something very kind for you

Ex. You bought me lunch?! Oh, you’re an angel! Thank you so much!

5. Speak of the devil

Definition: something you say when you are talking about someone and suddenly that person appears

Ex. Thiago: Hey, I heard Matheus drank a little too much last night.

      Diego: Yeah, and he was dancing all night! He was a madman.

      (Matheus enters room)

      Thiago: Well, speak of the devil! Hey Matheus, big night? hahaha

6. Naughty


1. used to describe young children who demonstrate bad behaviour

2. used to describe adults who express slightly inappropriate words or behavior related to sex

Ex.1. Don’t be so naughty! Stop hitting your sister and making so much noise!

Ex. 2. Don’t say such naughty things. We’re in public!

7. A necessary evil

Definition: something that is not enjoyable but needs to be done

Ex. The boss is so rude, but I have to be nice to him so I can get a work reference letter from him. It’s a necessary evil.

Idioms of Good and Evil Quiz

Choose the most appropriate answer using the idioms you have just studied.

1. (Natalia) Hey. Your butt looks really cute in that tuxedo ;)

— (You) 

2. (Friend) I actually don’t have time this weekend. I’m going skydiving.

— (You) 

3. (Dad) Where’s Jason? He’s late again.

— (Mom) I don’t know. I haven’t seen him in a while. Oh, 

4. (You) Do these clothes look okay?

— (Partner) Woah, look at you. You 

5. (Greg) Have you ever seen this movie? Most people hate it, but I can’t stop watching it. 

6. (Mark) How long do you have to keep paying for your car?

— (Luka) Five more years! I need it for work. It’s

7. (Son) Hey mom, don’t worry. I’ll drive you to work.

— (Mom) Aww, thanks so much! You’re 

  1. Don’t be so naughty!
  2. You’re such a badass!
  3. speak of the devil!
  4. handsome devil.
  5. It’s my guilty little pleasure.
  6. necessary evil.
  7. an angel!


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