Speaking Activity: Five High Fives (So, Too, Neither, Not Either)

Activity for Practicing So/Too/Neither/Either (ESL)

Skill focus: Speaking

Grammar: Additions and Responses (So, Too, Neither, Not either)

ESL Level:Lower-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate

Overview: Students find five things they have in common with their classmates.

Number of students: 5 or more

Materials needed: one copy of the worksheet for each student.

Time Required: 20-25 minutes

This activity is meant to review additions and responses (too/so/neither/not either). You’ll have to teach this grammar first.

I have done this activity twice. For the first time, I had higher-level students so I just explained the activity verbally and let them go at it. The second time (last week), I had a lower class students so I had them complete the worksheet below so they would be prepared for it. They enjoyed it.

Worksheet Preview

speaking activity for too/either/neither/so

Speaking Activity Execution

  1. Review the top two columns of the table at the top of the worksheet.
  2. Have them complete the next four columns.
  3. Take up the answers.
  4. Now, explain to the students that they want to find things in common with their classmates. If they find something that is the same, they should give the other person a high-five.

Give some examples to the class. Have a short dialogue with some of the more advanced students in the class. For example:

  • Teacher: I have a bicycle. (Offer hand for high-five)
  • Student: So do I!  (Gives you the high five)
  • Teacher: Last year, I didn’t get married. (Offer high-five)
  • Student: Neither did I! (*High five*)

Explain that you want to get five high fives (note: you can actually increase this number because finding five isn’t hard).

Do one more demonstration:

  • Teacher: I teach English. (Offer high five)
  • Students: Oh, I don’t. (Leaves teacher hanging)

Make sure the students understand that they don’t high five if the sentence isn’t true for both of them.

  1. Before they start the activity, have them complete the five sentences at the bottom of the worksheet. These sentences have different modals/auxiliaries, so it’s better practice than just having the students say “I like pizza / So do I!” “I like dogs. / So do I!”
  2. Let them start. Tell them they can sit down when they have gotten five high fives (increase this maybe to 10)

Cultural note: Some students may not be comfortable touching hands (such as female Saudi students). In this case, just let them pretend to give a high five.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

– Matthew Barton / Creator of www.englishcurrent.com

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2 comments on “Speaking Activity: Five High Fives (So, Too, Neither, Not Either)

  1. Mr. Palani (Posted on 3-7-2016 at 01:29) Reply

    I am not quite sure what you mean by additions and responses here?

    1. mb Post author (Posted on 3-7-2016 at 14:59) Reply

      These are phrases you say after you hear someone make a comment. These phrases include “Me too / Neither do I / I can’t either.” etc. They are additions or responses to a previous statement.

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