Superlatives: Class Awards Speaking Activity (ESL/EFL)

ESL Level: Pre-Intermediate

Number of students: 4+

Activity Time: 15 minutes

Award Sheet Downloadsuperlatives-award.docx

Materials: one slip of paper for every student, one award template for each student, tape


This is a simple activity to do after teaching superlatives. In this activity, students give another student an award using the superlative sentence structure.

Activity Execution:

  1. Have each student write their name on a piece of paper and then collect the names (or put them in a hat).
  2. Distribute a name to each student (or have them draw one out of a hat).
  3. Explain that they are going to interview the student whose name they have. They should ask him/her questions to decide, for example, if the student is friendly, intelligent, or honest, etc. Then, they have to decide on a superlative sentence that describes the student. For example, “Takashi is the most honest student in the class.” Note that because we’re using superlatives, each adjective can only be used by one student (e.g. there can only be one friendliest student.) As the activity progresses, you can gradually write the adjectives on the board that have been taken by the students so they’ll know which ones they can’t use any more.
  4. After they do this, give each student a small award paper (cut it from the downloadable template above). Have them write down their sentence on the template (“Takashi is the most honest student in class”). And then tape it to their partner.
  5. Have each student present their partner to the class.
  6. Applaud

Award Template Preview:

awards for superlatives activity

I hope this speaking activity is useful for your English classes.

– Matthew Barton of

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