Topic: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) (Advanced Lesson Plan)

ESL/EFL Level: Advanced
Lesson Topic: Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethical Consumerism, Negative and Positive Rights
Skill Focus: Speaking, Reading, Vocabulary
Approximate Class Time: 2 hours
Lesson Plan Download: Topic-Corporate-Social-Responsibility-Advanced-09092011.docx
Lesson Overview:

  • The lesson’s reading passage introduces the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the arguments for CSR, and the arguments against as argued by Milton Friedman. It also introduces the concept of ethical consumerism.
  • Post-reading activities include a roleplay/debate about incorporating a CSR campaign at a company and supporting a charitable organization. There is also an ethics-related section that outlines the difference between positive and negative rights which includes follow-up questions. Finally, there is an activity that has students consider how to integrate CSR into different areas of a business.
  • All lessons come with warm-up questions, comprehension questions, a vocabulary section, and discussion questions.

The pollution of factories: who's responsible?

Advanced CSR ESL News Lesson Plan: Warm-up

  1. What words do you associate with 'corporation'? Write down five words.
  2. What companies/brands do you like? Why?
  3. Do you know companies that have bad reputations? What for?
  4. Are there products you won't buy for ethical reasons? If so, what are they?

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8 comments on “Topic: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) (Advanced Lesson Plan)

  1. (Posted on 8-29-2013 at 20:53) Reply

    I am so happy to have discovered this website. As much as I explore the Internet for resources and materials to supplement for class, I am very surprised I have not come across this site before.

    I think the standard for most teachers who work in the English Trade, business or otherwise, rely upon Breaking News English. Sadly, some teachers rely too heavily upon and are very lazy as a result. To his credit, the creator, Sean Banville, has been very diligent over the years in expanding his product, and I applaud his effort. However, sometimes the lessons can be tedious for the more advanced students.

    Thank you so much for developing excellent materials for those teachers that struggle to entertain and engage our less than enthusiastic business students.

    Keep up the good work!

    Respectfully submitted


    1. mb Post author (Posted on 8-30-2013 at 11:20) Reply

      Thanks Tim. I certainly put a lot of effort into this lesson plan. I made it when I was teaching business English in Prague and my students enjoyed it. I hope to write on more business-related topics once I resume teaching here in Canada. Best of luck with your classes.

  2. Rahel (Posted on 10-19-2013 at 11:04) Reply

    It is very good way of getting CSR idea through, very interesting! thank you very much Tim

  3. Nicky Jr (Posted on 11-25-2014 at 23:29) Reply

    Thank you!

  4. El (Posted on 6-12-2017 at 06:23) Reply

    From all the way in Singapore, thank you so much for this Tim. Great stuff.

  5. Carissa (Posted on 3-12-2019 at 13:17) Reply

    Great plan, thanks for sharing! Saludos from Mexico.

  6. Anonymous (Posted on 10-7-2020 at 07:25) Reply

    Super plan, thanks. Ma. Noel from Uruguay

  7. Anonymous (Posted on 2-28-2022 at 11:42) Reply

    Thank you, Matthew,

    This is an interesting and comprehensive plan, which allows for ample discussion, and also allows for enough implementation for a writing assignment:-)

    Best wishes,


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