Travel & Tourism (Intermediate ESL Lesson Plan)

Download the Travel & Tourism ESL lesson plan here: Travel-Tourism-ESL-Intermediate-19042012.doc

A lesson plan on travel

Travel Lesson Plan (ESL): Intermediate: Warm-up (Pair Work)

1) Where are you planning to go for your next holiday?
2) Is there a place you'd never visit again? Where and why?
3) Do you prefer traveling independently or with a group on an organized tour?
4) What do you know of the following countries: Uganda, Myanmar, Ukraine, and Jordan?

Travel: The Top Four of Lonely Planet's “Countries To Visit in 2012” List

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17 comments on “Travel & Tourism (Intermediate ESL Lesson Plan)

  1. (Posted on 5-28-2012 at 19:24) Reply

    This looks like a great lp. I plan on doing it this week with my 8th gr. RR class. Thanks

  2. admin (Posted on 5-28-2012 at 21:54) Reply

    I hope it works out. What is RR?

  3. chongkon (Posted on 11-19-2012 at 14:25) Reply

    It’s very useful for me. Thanks.

  4. Timur (Posted on 1-9-2013 at 06:34) Reply

    Sorry, but Odessa is aside from the Crimea and linked with it by a ferry.

    1. mb Post author (Posted on 1-9-2013 at 07:09) Reply

      Thanks. I’ve updated the lesson plans.

  5. Melina (Posted on 1-9-2013 at 14:02) Reply

    Thanks, it worked out perfectly. But it took more than a 2h class to finish it.

  6. Rohan (Posted on 2-5-2015 at 09:38) Reply

    This plan is great!! Went down a treat. Had a lot of fun. Thanks.

  7. egarlizaspan (Posted on 3-26-2015 at 11:46) Reply

    WoW! very useful for me. Thank You so MUCH!!!!

  8. china (Posted on 4-15-2015 at 23:42) Reply

    Great lesson plan, thank you.

  9. COTE d'IVOIRE (Posted November 20,2015) (Posted on 11-20-2015 at 18:34) Reply

    Great lesson plan. helpful

  10. Anonymous (Posted on 5-9-2016 at 00:14) Reply

    thanks alot

  11. sena (Posted on 6-11-2016 at 16:48) Reply

    I have written the sentences.

  12. Ola (Posted on 4-20-2018 at 13:47) Reply

    This plan looks interesting. Will I teach it to two students in approx. 60 minutes? Thank you in advance for your replying.

    1. mb Post author (Posted on 4-20-2018 at 17:08) Reply

      You’ll be able to cover half of it in an hour. If I were you, I’d pick the most interesting parts. Also, the world has changed since 2012 so some of the information is outdated.

  13. Stan (Posted on 8-13-2019 at 11:01) Reply

    Where is the 2010 list of most visited countries? I can’t find it.

    1. MB (Posted on 8-13-2019 at 20:55) Reply

      2010 Tourism Ranking: France (76.8m), US, China, Spain, Italy, UK, Turkey, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico (22.4m)

  14. Audreyy (Posted on 9-14-2019 at 20:41) Reply

    The discussion questions are a good idea. I’ll make use of them thanks!

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