Stablish or Establish? (English Verb)

Quick Answer

  • stablish is not a word in modern English.
  • establish is the word you want.


Apple Computers was stablished established by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in 1976.

They were able to stablish establish contact through social media.

Definitions of the Verb 'Establish' (not 'Stablish')

1. (primary meaning) to set up or found something, e.g. an organization, or a set of rules (synonyms: set up, start, organize). Common collocations: establish + themselves/relationships/standards/whether...

E.g. Most companies establish policies to promote workplace safety.

2. to show that something is true or certain (synonyms: prove, show, confirm)

E.g. He hoped to establish his innocence.

3. to 'establish contact with' someone means to start having contact with them.

E.g. They were able to establish contact through social media.

Note that the verb stablish used to be a word (it is an archaic word) but it is no longer used.

an image of pollution from factories

Countries are establishing targets for the reduction of greenhouse gases.

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