Articles Exercises (A, An, The) & Worksheet (ESL/EFL)

Articles Exercises (A, An, The) & Worksheet – Practice Online

ESL Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Articles Worksheet Download: Articles-Worksheet-Englishcurrent.doc (with answers)

Instructions: Put the correct article (a, an, the, or nothing) into the paragraphs below.

Articles: Exercises for Beginner Students

My mother is  English teacher. I am  student. When I get home from school, I watch  programs on TV. That’s best part of my day.  I watch are for children. I am  child, so I think they are funny.

1. an, a, –, the, The programs, –, a

I’m  little excited because it’s  Friday. There are  lot of good shows on TV today.  I usually watch is at 3:30. It’s about  animals. Also, I’m excited because my mother is making  rice for dinner.

a, –, a, The one, –, —

Later, after eating dinner and doing my homework, I go to my room and read book for 30 minutes. Then I turn off   light and go to  bed.

a, the, —

Articles: Exercises for Intermediate Students

Moving to  United States was  most exciting thing I have ever done. I moved last year to  New York. New York is  exciting city, full of  adventure. In fact, I met famous actor on  bus yesterday!

the, the, –, an, –, a, the(“a” is possible but “the” is more common)

Today, I have  job interview at  financial company.  has  offices all over  world. I’m not sure that I have  skills to get hired. I hope so. ‘s office is on  Main Street. That’s  same street my friend works on.

a, a, The company, –, the, the, The company, –, the

If I get hired, I could meet him after  work for drinks. That would be great. He’s from Scotland. He works 8 hours  day, 5 days  week.

–, –, a, a

I have two brothers. One, Greg, is still in  college, and  other, Mike, has already graduated. Mike is kind of guy that is very serious. I don’t remember  last time I saw him. It may have been in  August. He was wearing  red sweater. It matched his  red hair.

the, –, a, —

After  dinner, I usually wash  dishes. My wife hates doing it. I waste a lot of  water when I do it. That’s bad forenvironment, I think.

–, the, –, the

We live near  sea.  houses in this area are expensive.

the, Most

Articles: Exercises for Advanced Students

I have  uncle who lives in  home for  elderly. He is  honest man. He used to be  FBI agent. He once saved  one-year-old boy from  fire. He has many interesting stories.
an, a, the, an, an, a, a

He told me that he once met  alien from  space. This alien didn’t need  oxygen to live; it didn’t have nose. That’s  hard story to believe. I’m not sure he was telling me  truth. Maybe he isn’t so honest, after all.

an, –, –, a, a, the

can make life unpleasant. In  day, I work at office.  people I work with are busy, and  work we do isn’t easy.

11: Stress, –, the, an, the, the

When I drive to  work, usually  highways are really busy. If there’s  accident during  rush hour, it can be  chaos on the roads.

–, the, an, –, —

I don’t watch  TV. I get  information and  news, etc., from  Internet. I don’t often go to  cinema, either. I’m interested in  finance. I heard  Euro is losing value, compared to US dollar.

–, –, –, the, the, –, the, the

I like Japan. is quite low there. When I fly to Japan, I usually fly to  Narita Airport. The last time I was in Japan, I climbed Mount Fuji. It was fun. I am tall. are generally shorter than I am.

Crime, –, –, The Japanese

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    1. Chip Wallace (Posted on 3-25-2015 at 12:35) Reply

      Henry: There are many exciting cities in the world. When you write ‘NY is an exciting city’, it means it is one (an = one) exciting city among the many other exciting cities in the world. ‘NY is the exciting city’ uses the definite article ‘the’, which means that there is ONLY one exciting city, New York. If you want to use ‘the’, then you could say ‘New York is the home of the Statue of Liberty’. We use ‘the’ here because there is ONLY one city that has the statue of liberty. The city is New York.

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