Pronunciation Lessons for Studying English

Broken Telephone Game for English Pronunciation

Students relay a sentence to each other to practice English word sounds. Fun group game for practicing pronunciation in ESL class.

Pronunciation of /f/ & /v/ Sounds (Jumbled Tongue Twisters Activity)

Students practice pronouncing /f/ & /v/ sounds by sharing sentences with each other. After, students put sentences together into a story. (ESL activity)

Pronunciation: Plural 'S' in English: /s/ /z/ /iz/

Lesson on pronunciation of plural word sounds - /s/ /z/ /iz/. Students identify the sounds and then practice speaking with tongue twisters. Free download.

Friends' Video - Listening for Connected Speech (ESL)

Example of connected speech in an episode of Friends. Video can be used for teaching English pronunciation.

Connected Speech Practice Dialogues (Pronunciation)

Two conversations for practicing connected speech (linking). Good for speaking & pronunciation practice.

Pronunciation: /r/ /l/ Minimal Pair Bingo Game

Free bingo game to practice the pronunciation of /r/ & /l/ sounds with minimal pairs. Fun activity for Japanese & Korean students of English (ESL/EFL).

Pronunciation Lesson Plan and Activity (For English Teachers)

How to teach English pronunciation using minimal pairs. Lesson plan includes telephone speaking activity. For teachers of English (ESL/EFL)

Beginner Tongue Twisters Worksheet & Classroom Activities (ESL/EFL)

Easy English tongue twisters worksheet and tongue twister activities for beginner ESL/EFL students.

English Pronunciation Drill Sheet for the Japanese

Pronunciation drill sheet of difficult English words for Japanese people to pronounce. Focus: r/l, s/sh & katakana sounds.