Argumentative Essay Topics (Business-Related)

Please find below a list of argumentative essay topics with a business focus. These topics were used for a college course in Vancouver, Canada, so they are particularly relevant to the Canadian context. Feel free to change 'Canada' in the questions to your particular region.

Note for students: If your teacher has asked you to develop a topic or research question for an argumentative essay, the best topic you can find is one that you come up with. Instead of copying a topic below, creating your own topic related to something you are actually interested in will enable you to enjoy and learn more from your assignment. Regardless, here is a list of research questions for argumentative essays that you can use for inspiration.

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List of Argumentative Essay Topics

Advertising & Marketing Topics

  • Should advertisers be allowed to market their products to children?
  • Should subliminal messages be allowed in company advertising?
  • Is advertising on Youtube an effective/beneficial method to promote products?
  • Should companies hire influencers to promote their products?
  • Should companies adopt a product-orientation?
  • Should companies adopt a market-orientation?
  • Does marketing have an overall harmful effect on society?
  • Should the advertisement of junk food be banned?
  • Is telemarketing dead?
  • Should companies use celebrities to endorse their products?
  • Is direct-mail marketing still worthwhile in 2021?
  • Should Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) be illegal?
  • Should vaping advertisements be banned in Canada?
  • Are loyalty programs still an effective strategy in 2021?
  • Do coupon marketing strategies increase brand/product value?
  • Should Canadian companies participate in Black Friday?
  • Can a strong market monopoly be broken through a successful marketing approach?
  • The Pink Tax: Do health and beauty companies unfairly target female consumers with higher prices?
  • Should brands use storytelling to promote their products?
  • Comparative advertisement is legal but is it also ethical?
  • Will YouTube's (aggressive) advertising model drive away users?

Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship Topics

  • Will Bricks-and-Mortar shopping (in physical scores) survive?
  • Are supermarkets killing local businesses?
  • Should companies get involved in charity work?
  • Is becoming a franchisee a good business opportunity?
  • Is Canada a good place to start a business?
  • Would creating a language school in Vancouver be lucrative?
  • Are chatbots effective customer service tools?
  • Does outsourcing improve the effectiveness of businesses?

Careers & the Workplace Topics

  • Should people pursue a degree in accounting?
  • Is being a photographer a viable career?
  • Should younger generations (or young people) consider video gaming as a career?
  • Can social media influencer be considered a full-time job? / Should young people consider this as a possible career?
  • Should companies/countries adopt a four-day workweek?
  • Should regular employees be involved in the corporate decision-making process?
  • Does shift-work have a negative impact on employee health?
  • Is lifetime employment a thing of the past? / Should workers stay loyal to one company?
  • Should leaders adopt a democratic leadership style?
  • Should leaders adopt an authoritative leadership style?
  • Should companies have dress codes? / Are strict dress code policies beneficial to companies?
  • Should companies allow their employees to bring pets to work?
  • Is the mental health of employees the responsibility of companies?
  • Is leadership a learned trait?
  • Is overtime counterproductive?
  • Should companies provide benefits to gig workers?
  • Should companies allow employees to listen to music during work?
  • Is introversion a negative trait in the workplace?
  • Can the taxi cab industry survive the advent of ride-hailing apps?

Economics Topics

  • Is hosting the Olympics a waste of money?
  • Should the minimum wage be increased?
  • Should [Canada] provide a living wage to workers?
  • Should Canada adopt a Universal Basic Income (UBI)?
  • Was the demonetization in India a success or failure?
  • Should government privatize public services? / Does the privatization of public services improve cost-effectiveness?
  • Should the [Canadian] government privatize healthcare?
  • Does the 'gig economy' exploit workers?
  • Is worker exploitation necessary in order to maximize profits?
  • Should workers in the public sector be allowed to unionize/go on strike?
  • Has globalization hurt or helped developing countries?
  • Should the Bank of Canada increase interest rates?
  • Should the WTO or other trade organizations be able to issue binding orders?
  • Should government regulate monopolies?
  • Should government provide free healthcare to citizens?
  • Does brain-drain negatively affect the economy of India?
  • Should government regulate the BC housing market?
  • Are Multi-National corporations (MNCs) really beneficial to the host economy?
  • Should government create policies to manage population?
  • Should Canada invest more in its agriculture industry?
  • Is China engaging in debt-trap colonialism?
  • Is China's investment beneficial to Africa?
  • Will China become the new world leader?
  • Was BrExit a good decision for Britain?

Education Topics

  • Is a university degree needed for business success? / Does having an undergraduate degree guarantee a successful career?
  • Should business schools focus on theoretical knowledge instead of practical skills?
  • Are international student fees unfair to foreign students? / Are Canadian international students being exploited?
  • Should young people pursue an online degree?
  • Should Canadian colleges charge less for online programs? / Should tuition be lower for online learning programs?
  • Should young adults do an internship as part of their education?
  • Should unpaid Internships be legal?
  • Should financial literacy courses be part of the national education system?
  • Is studying abroad beneficial for a student's host country (or home country)?

Employee Pay & Benefits Topics

  • Is the current basic requirement for weekly vacation in Canada adequate?
  • In general, are CEOs overpaid?
  • Are financial incentives the best way to motivate employees?
  • Should college athletes get paid for their games?
  • Should male employees be allowed paternity leave?
  • Should companies provide childcare services for employees?
  • Does the gender pay gap exist in the Canadian/North American workplace?
  • Is a performance-based pay system a good motivator for employees?
  • Does making more money make people happier?

Environment & Ethics Topics

  • Should fracking be banned?
  • Are CSR campaigns genuine or greenwashing?
  • Is the hospitality industry sustainable enough?
  • Should small companies pursue CSR?
  • Should companies implement hiring quotas to ensure workplace diversity?
  • Should organic food companies support fair trade policies?
  • Should cosmetic companies be allowed to test their products on animals?
  • Should government implement a carbon tax on polluters?
  • Can renewable energies replace fossil fuels?
  • Should government be able to censor Internet content?
  • Should the Canadian seal hunt be banned? (ALT: Japanese whaling)
  • Should the use of pesticides in agriculture be banned?
  • Is the global coffee industry doomed?
  • Should India adopt organic farming practices?


  • Should designer brands start using vegan materials?
  • Is Zara taking adequate measures to combat climate change?
  • Should consumers support fast fashion?

Foreign Issues Topics

(*Replace [Canada] with your country of choice)

  • Are immigrants worth the investment for [Canada]? / Do immigrants have a positive impact on the [Canadian] economy?
  • Should [Canada] accept more refugees?
  • Should international students on a study visa be allowed to work full-time?
  • Should [Canada] accept more immigrants?
  • Should Americans be required to have a visa to enter the Philippines?
  • Does immigration in Canada increase crime?

Health & Food

  • Will insect-based protein products replace traditional forms of protein?
  • Is the food industry responsible for the problem of food waste?
  • Is organic food worth the extra cost?
  • Is the food industry to blame for the high obesity rate in the US?

Human Resources & Hiring Topics

  • Should companies seek to hire employees internally?
  • Should countries/companies enforce a mandatory retirement age?
  • Should companies only hire experienced applicants? / Should companies hire university graduates with no work experience?
  • Do dress code policies benefit companies?
  • Should companies have policies to regulate workplace romance?
  • Should workplaces conduct drug-testing?
  • Is experience the most important factor for HR when promoting an employee?
  • Can nepotism in the workplace be justified?
  • Is money the most important factor when choosing a job?
  • Is remote recruitment effective? / Should businesses shift to remote recruitment?
  • Are virtual job interviews effective?
  • Should companies look at social media profiles of candidates when hiring?
  • Should companies hire people with criminal records?
  • Are work references a reliable tool in the hiring process?
  • Is equal employment opportunity balance possible to achieve?
  • Are good working conditions the most important factor when looking for a job?

Investing & Personal Finance Topics

  • Is cryptocurrency/Bitcoin a good investment?
  • Should people invest their own money or use a financial adviser?
  • Should young people focus on passive investing?
  • Should the Canadian government support/adopt cryptocurrencies?
  • Is the stock market rigged?
  • Is donating to charities effective? / Do charities make effective use of donations?
  • Are credit cards a debt trap? / Should young people get a credit card?
  • Is a car a good investment for people in cities?
  • Should people purchase life insurance?
  • Should short-selling be made illegal?
  • Is payment for order flow an unfair business model for online brokerages?

Law & Legalization Topics

  • Should government legalize psychedelic drugs?
  • Should the sale of tobacco products be illegal?
  • Should lotteries be banned? / Do lotteries unfairly target the poor?
  • Should government allow the sale of genetically modified products?
  • Should drugs be legalized in Mexico?
  • Should recycling be legally required (in Canada)?
  • Should sex work/prostitution be legalized?


  • Should FIFA consider human rights when it chooses its host?
  • Are professional athletes overpaid?
  • Is the gender pay gap in professional sports unfair?
  • Should WNBA players receive equal pay to NBA players?
  • Should young people consider a career in e-sports?
  • Are e-sports the next 'big thing'?
  • Is being a high performance athlete a viable career?

Shopping & Consumption Topics

  • Should automatic gratuity for large groups be prohibited?
  • Does tipping in restaurants improve service?
  • Is the customer always right?
  • Should customers base purchasing decisions on online reviews?
  • Should female hygiene products be free (or subsidized)?

Tax Topics

  • Are progressive taxes fair (to all income earners)?
  • Should churches be exempt from tax?
  • Should the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) be eliminated?
  • Should there be an additional tax on unhealthy products?
  • Should online sellers without physical stores have to pay tax in the companies they operate in?
  • Should there be a digital service tax (DST) on social media companies?

Technology Topics

  • Will self-driving cars become a reality for consumers in the next decade?
  • Should self-driving cars be legal?
  • Should Amazon introduce drone delivery?
  • Are cellphones unsafe for consumers? / Should government put tighter restrictions on cellphones for public safety?
  • Should companies invest more in MIS (managerial information systems)?
  • Should government regulate the use of cookies on the web?
  • Should biodegradable straws be mandatory in F&B (Food & Beverages) businesses?
  • Is a cashless economy possible?
  • Can blockchain technologies replace centralized transactional systems?
  • Is technology limiting the creativity of people?
  • Does online shopping have addictive effects on consumers?
  • Should Big Banks in Canada introduceĀ  'tellerless' branches as people can do transactions in ATM (Automated Teller Machine)?
  • Will 3D food change the food sector?
  • Can electric cars replace traditional vehicles?
  • Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) a threat to business?
  • Should users be concerned about their privacy on social network platforms?
  • Will the Metaverse be relevant five years from now?
  • Should publishing companies shift to digital e-books?

Real Estate

  • Should Canada implement measures to target 'house-flippers'?
  • Should foreigners be allowed to purchase property in [Country]?
  • Should government regulate the housing market?
  • Is the empty-homes tax unfair?

Travel & Tourism

  • Should airlines allow travelers to board planes with pets?
  • Are travel agencies doomed to extinction?
  • Does the AirBNB business model spell doom for the hotel industry?

Workplace Productivity Topics

  • Should social media be banned in the workplace?
  • Do smartphones have a positive effect on workplace productivity?
  • Does peer pressure in the workplace benefit workers?
  • Can employees be productive when working from home?
  • Should employers allow napping in the workplace?
  • Should employers limit smartphone use in the workplace / Do smartphones increase worker productivity?
  • Do open-office plans increase productivity? / Should companies adopt open space plans?
  • Should companies incorporate the practice of mindfulness in the workplace?
  • Is a highly competitive environment beneficial for workers?
  • Does art or workplace decor have a positive effect on productivity?
  • Should 'quiet quitting' be normalized in the workplace?

-- Argumentative essay topics compiled by Matthew Barton, Creator of (copyright) | Last updated: Jan 2023

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