Idioms & Phrasal Verbs

32 North American Business English Idioms + Lesson (Advanced)

Is 'You guys' or 'Hey guys' Correct in English?

Read about the origins, usage, criticism, plural form, and pronunciation of the casual English expression 'you guys'.

Idioms about Good and Evil (by English Hangover)

Study 7 popular idioms for good and evil. Watch a video, read examples, and do the quiz. For ESL students, brought to you by English Hangover

Common North American Proverbs (Quiz & List)

Study the most common proverbs in North American English with our free proverb quiz or read our useful proverb list. For intermediate ESL students.

Phrasal Verbs Quiz - Study Online to Test your English! (Intermediate ESL)

Play our phrasal verbs game to test your knowledge of intermediate level phrasal verbs. This free quiz was made for for ESL/EFL students.

Idioms Quiz - 100 Essential English Idioms (ESL)

Study English idioms with this free game for English learners! The quiz has 100 North American idioms you can match to example sentences. Play today!

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Essential North American Idioms (Free Android Application)

Application for studying 100 useful idioms in North American English. The common idioms are for intermediate to advanced English levels. For ESL students.

Useful English Idioms List - Page 2 (Student Requests)

A list of English idioms, expressions, and phrases for ESL students. View the list and request an idiom explanation. Study online for free. ESL/EFL

Basic English Phrasal Verbs (Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate)

List of basic English phrasal verbs (lower-intermediate to intermediate levels). Download the phrasal verb list or phrasal verb lesson plans.

Useful Work-related Idioms List (Business English)

List of work-related English idioms, expressions & phrases with examples. Perfect for intermediate to advanced ESL business classes. Printout included.

Useful North American Idioms List (Intermediate to Advanced)

List of North American useful English idioms, expressions & phrases with examples. Perfect for lower-intermediate to advanced ESL classes. Printout included