Exercises for Studying English Free Online (ESL)

Keywords and Verb Tense (Exercises)

Complete practice exercises on keywords and English verb tenses. Complete sentences, read explanations, and see examples to improve your English.

Exercises on So/So many/So much/Such/Too/Too many/Too much

Study so, too, too many, too much, so many, so much, and such with these practice exercises for ESL students. Worksheet also available for download.

Passive Voice: Intermediate & Advanced Exercises (and Explanation)

An explanation of the passive voice with practice exercises (intermediate & advanced) to study online. Includes free worksheet download for ESL class.

The Difference: Do & Make (Exercises & Guidelines)

Do practice exercises to study the difference between the verbs 'make' & 'do' in English. Includes a list of collocations and a free ESL worksheet download.

English Grammar: Irregular Verb List & Exercises (Beginner & Intermediate ESL)

Study irregular verb exercises online for beginner and intermediate ESL students. Includes grammar, irregular verb table, and a downloadable worksheet.

Articles Exercises (A, An, The) - Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced

Article exercises (a, an, the) for beginner, intermediate, & advanced students that you can study online for free.

Prepositions: Online Exercises and Worksheet (for ESL/EFL Students)

Free online preposition exercises in fill-in-the-blank format. Also available as preposition worksheet (download). Intermediate to advanced ESL/EFL level.