Games for Learning English (ESL)

Murder Mystery: Murder on the Seas of Nogo (ESL Activity)

Adjective Clause Game: Word Bluff

In this game, students write definitions of English words using adjective clauses. Afterwards, student pairs quiz their classmates on the correct definition.

Board Game: Conjunctive Adverbs / Transition Words (EAP)

A speaking activity to practice conjunctive adverbs (transition signals). In groups, students make sentences using transition signals until someone finishes the board game. Can be used as review for academic writing.

Health Board Game: Miming & Describing Symptoms (ESL)

Free board game to review health-related symptoms. Students act or describe medical vocabulary.

Speaking Game: Four in a Row / Card Swap (Agreeing & Disagreeing)

Games for giving opinions, agreeing, disagreeing, and interrupting. Speaking activity for intermediate/upper-intermediate ESL class.

Miming Cards for Practicing Present Progressive or Past Continuous

Miming game for ESL class where students act out a verb. Good for practicing present progressive (continuous) or past progressive/continuous.

ESL Game: Battleship for Prepositions of Time (AT / ON)

Play the game Battleship to study prepositions of time ON & AT. Includes instructions. Great for elementary school students.

Daily Routine Board Game to Practice Present Simple (ESL)

Free ESL board game for practicing daily routines. Target language: "I wake up at 7 o'clock." Fun activity for practicing present simple in English class.

ESL Murder Mystery Game: Mystery at Mr. Grim's Mansion

Ideas & example of ESL murder mystery activity for class. Contains the mystery at Mr. Grim's Mansion.

Classroom Activity: Find the Liars Game (ESL/EFL)

Liars game activity for ESL/EFL class where students ask questions to each other to find out who is lying. All English levels. Great for speaking & review.

Sentence Guessing Game Activity

Sentence guessing game where students get another student to elicit a complete sentence. Fun speaking game for synonym practice for ESL/EFL class. Warm-up.

Vocabulary Review Board Game (EFL/ESL Activity)

How to make a simple vocabulary review board game for ESL class. Excellent vocabulary review activity.