Verb Tense Review Quiz (Intermediate ESL)


This is an intermediate-level quiz on English grammar. The questions on this quiz test the Present Simple, Present Perfect, Present Progressive, Past Simple, and Past Progressive.

Use the word in brackets to complete the sentence.

Verb Tense Review Quiz - Section 1

  1. A: When  (you / join) the company? / B: Ten months ago.
  2.  (you / ever/ work) in Europe?
  3.  That was the worst presentation (I / see) in my life.
  4. Sales (rise) in 1993 but then  (fall) in 1996.
  5. Ryan is still working. He  (not / finish) his homework yet.
  6. A: What  (you / do) when I (call) you last night? / B: I  (sit) in a cafe when you  (call).
  7. When you  (arrive) at the party, who  (be) there?


Verb Tense Review Quiz - Section 2

  1. Lisa isn't a Canadian. I   (believe) she comes from France.
  2. I  (have) lunch in the cafeteria every day.
  3. Susie  (watch) a film when she  (hear) the noise.
  4. Yesterday I  (go) to the library, next I  (have) a swim, and later I  (meet) Lindsey for lunch.
  5. We  (play) tennis when John  (hurt) his ankle.
  6. When I  (walk) into the room this morning, everyone  (work).


Verb Tense Review Quiz - Section 3

  1. I  (go) to Montreal next Thursday. Do you want to come?
  2. Carlos is rich. He  (drive) a Mercedes.
  3. I (think) you're crazy!
  4. I  (speak) to him last week.
  5. It  (snow) quite hard. Perhaps we shouldn't go out tonight.
  6. Look! Yuki  (cry)! Let's go see what's the matter.


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    the question 3, I think it should have “ever”, it is talking about experience, we will use present perfect and the word “ever”.

    1. mb Post author (Posted on 6-14-2017 at 03:54) Reply

      Hello. It’s not necessary to use ‘ever’ when talking about life experiences using the present perfect, though it is of course possible and very common.

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  5. Irene Corporal (Posted on 2-2-2018 at 04:19) Reply

    This web site is really helpful to me since I’m a video English Teacher of Koreans. I visit the site whenever I get a chance. Thank you so much.

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      Can you give an example?

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        for the section 3 question1 we can also say ” i will be going”

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    We have not met for a long time.
    (perferct simple)

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    I found two or three answers questionable but I still agreed with them in the end except for this:
    Verb Tense Review Quiz – Section 1
    Sales rose (rise) in 1993 but then fell (fall) in 1996.
    The correct answer should be “had risen” because of the two past actions. Since action 1 (rise) happened before action 2 (fell), the first one should be tensed using the past perfect and the second action which came later is past simple.

    1. M.B. Post author (Posted on 4-3-2024 at 07:17) Reply

      Hello. Yes, you are right. That section is for intermediate students so it does not focus on past perfect, but you are right that it is possible.

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