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Here is a list of advanced ESL lesson plans on a variety of topics for English conversation class. There are many lessons at this level, so be sure to click the ‘older posts‘ link at the bottom of the page to see more. If you’d prefer to see a list of lesson plan topics, please view the topic list.

Friendship in the 21st Century (Advanced Lesson)

A lesson on friendship, loneliness, and the friendship recession that includes speaking & vocabulary activities for C1/C2 ESL levels.

Neuralink Implants Brain Chip (Advanced Lesson)

A video-based lesson on the successful implant of a brain chip into a human by Elon Musk’s company Neuralink for advanced ESL class.

Hedonism & The Experience Machine (Advanced Lesson)

An advanced lesson on a TED-Ed video about Nozick’s Experience Machine. This speaking-focused lesson discusses hedonism and reality.

36 Days: A Lesson on Migration (Advanced)

An lesson on the perilous journey of 101 African migrants who spent 36 days at sea. The lesson includes speaking activities for ESL class.

The Generation Gap Australian Lamb Ad (Advanced Lesson)

An advanced video-based lesson on The Generation Gap, an advertisement by Australian Beef. The lesson includes roleplays, debates, etc.

Five Stories to Watch in 2024 (Advanced Lesson)

An advanced (C1/C2) lesson on The Economist’s “Five Stories to Watch Out For in 2024”. Themes include an election in Taiwan, AI, & the BRICS.

What Tom Whitwell Learned in 2023 (Advanced Lesson Plan)

An advanced (C1/C2) lesson on some ideas from a post on what Tom Whitwell learnt in 2023. Topics include homelessness and body image,.

2023 News in Review (Advanced Lesson Plan)

An advanced (C1/C2) lesson on the top news stories of 2023. The lesson has speaking, vocabulary, and other activities for ESL class.

Arieh Smith’s Tips on Language Learning (Advanced Lesson)

This lesson summarizes polyglot Ariel Smith’s approach to language acquisition. It contains reading, vocabulary, and speaking activities.

The Argument Against Higher Education (Advanced Lesson)

A lesson on the arguments against getting a college/university degree. Speaking, vocabulary, and listening activities are included.

The Story of Music (Advanced Lesson)

An advanced lesson based on a BBC video entitled “The Story of Music.” Lesson includes speaking & vocabulary activities for ESL class.

Sam Harris on Free Will (Advanced Lesson Plan)

An advanced lesson on Sam Harris’s view on free will. Contains speaking roleplays, debates, and vocabulary activities for ESL/EFL class.

Streaming Wars: The New Age of Entertainment (Advanced)

An advanced lesson on streaming platforms (Netflix, Disney+, etc.) and the battle for our attention spans. Includes ESL speaking activities.

Passive Income (Advanced Lesson)

An advanced lesson on passive income strategies and making money. The lesson includes speaking, listening, and vocabulary activities.

Atheism & Religion: The Nones (Advanced Lesson)

An advanced (C1/C2) lesson based on AP’s “The Nones” report on atheism worldwide. It contains speaking and reading activities about religion.

Mystery Travel Destinations (Advanced Lesson)

Explore the world with this advanced (C1/C2) lesson focused on travel & destinations. Includes vocabulary, reading, and speaking activities.

The Milestones of Life (Advanced Lesson Plan)

Teachers, use this lesson on life’s milestones with advanced (C1) ESL students. It includes speaking activities, a reading passage, & idioms.

Future Cities, NEOM, & The Line (Advanced Lesson Plan)

This lesson is about future cities and Saudi Arabia’s Neom & The Line projects. The lesson contains a reading and short video. (C1/C2 Level)

Short Story: The Next Light (Advanced Lesson)

An advanced lesson (C1) on the short story ‘The Next Light’ focusing on reading, speaking, and vocabulary skills designed for ESL/EFL class.

Advertising & Manipulation (Advanced Lesson)

This lesson is based on a BBC video about how ads, particularly TV commercials, manipulate our emotions. (For C1/C2 speaking ESL classes)

Unsolved Crimes (Advanced Lesson Plan)

A lesson on the 300-million-yen robbery in Tokyo and D.B. Cooper’s infamous airplane hijacking. Includes debates and roleplays for ESL class.