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Here is a list of advanced ESL lesson plans on a variety of topics for English conversation class. There are many lessons at this level, so be sure to click the ‘older posts‘ link at the bottom of the page to see more. If you’d prefer to see a list of lesson plan topics, please view the topic list.

Mystery Travel Destinations (Advanced Lesson)

Explore the world with this advanced (C1/C2) lesson focused on travel & destinations. Includes vocabulary, reading, and speaking activities.

The Milestones of Life (Advanced Lesson Plan)

Teachers, use this lesson on life’s milestones with advanced (C1) ESL students. It includes speaking activities, a reading passage, & idioms.

Future Cities, NEOM, & The Line (Advanced Lesson Plan)

This lesson is about future cities and Saudi Arabia’s Neom & The Line projects. The lesson contains a reading and short video. (C1/C2 Level)

Short Story: The Next Light (Advanced Lesson)

An advanced lesson (C1) on the short story ‘The Next Light’ focusing on reading, speaking, and vocabulary skills designed for ESL/EFL class.

Advertising & Manipulation (Advanced Lesson)

This lesson is based on a BBC video about how ads, particularly TV commercials, manipulate our emotions. (For C1/C2 speaking ESL classes)

Unsolved Crimes (Advanced Lesson Plan)

A lesson on the 300-million-yen robbery in Tokyo and D.B. Cooper’s infamous airplane hijacking. Includes debates and roleplays for ESL class.

The Debate Over TikTok (Advanced Lesson Plan)

This lesson discusses the arguments for and against Tiktok. It has speaking activities about social media use, being an influencer, and more.

Four Charts on Modern Life (Part 2) – Advanced Lesson

Discuss four trends of modern life: rising prices, obesity, a decline in friendship, and the migration of millionaires (C1/C2 lesson)

Four Charts on Modern Life (Part 1) – Advanced Lesson

Discuss four trends of modern life: social media use among teens, negativity in the media, aging populations, and gaming revenues (C1/C2)

Drugs: Alcohol, CBD, Psilocybin, & Opioids (Advanced Lesson)

This lesson focuses on drug use, specifically alcohol, cannabis, psychedelics, & opioids. It contains speaking and vocabulary activities.

Riddles & Puzzles (Upper-Intermediate to Advanced Lesson)

This free lesson has 17 classic riddles, an Einstein puzzle, 5 lateral thinking puzzles, and 16 rebus puzzles (with answers) for in ESL class.

Phobias & Fears (Advanced Lesson Plan)

This lesson focuses on phobias, their causes, and treatments. It has many vocabulary and speaking activities for advanced conversation class.

The Case against Pets (Advanced Lesson Plan)

A discussion of the ethics of pet ownership. The lesson includes speaking activities (role-plays & debates) about adopting and keeping a pet.

Scams & Fraud (Advanced Lesson Plan)

An advanced lesson focused on two scams: AI voice cloning & a romance scam. After reading, ESL/EFL students do several speaking activities.

Whistleblower Urges UAP/UFO Disclosure (Advanced Lesson Plan)

An advanced lesson on whistleblower David Grusch’s request that the US disclose a secret UAP (UFO) program. Includes many speaking activities.

Stealth Camping (Advanced Lesson Plan)

An advanced lesson about stealth camping based on a Twitter thread by @shagbark_hick. Contains reading, speaking, and vocabulary activities.

Poems by Robert Frost (Advanced Lesson Plan)

An advanced lesson on the poems The Road Not Taken, Fire and Ice, and Acquainted with the Night by Robert Frost for EFL conversation class.

Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order (Advanced)

A lesson on Ray Dalio’s video, “Dealing with the Changing World Order”, about economics & global power. Includes speaking activities. (C1/C2)

A Day Like No Other (Advanced Lesson Plan)

This story-based lesson describes a hurricane hitting a town. The student must complete speaking activities as the story unfolds.

Family Travels the World (Advanced Lesson Plan)

A lesson on a Canadian family’s travels around the world to create memories for their children. Includes role-plays and speaking activities.

Vincent by Tim Burton (Advanced Lesson Plan)

A lesson on Tim Burton’s film and poem ‘Vincent’, which includes vocabulary & speaking activities about childhood and parenting for EFL class.