Lessons and Ideas for English Teachers

The Future of Student Presentations: Reading off a Screen? (Rant)

A discussion of whether recorded presentations (in which students read off their screens) are substitutes for in-class presentations.

Monetization Update: Adsense & Newor Media

A review of my experience monetizing my traffic (India & U.S. based) with Newor Media. I also use Google Adsense for its Vignette ad.

Deleting a Section from PDF with Redact Tool in MacOs Preview

Cover unwanted text or sections in a PDF document using the Redact tool in Preview (free software included in MacOS).

Recording a Presentation or Class with Zoom

Learn how to record a PowerPoint presentation with Zoom. Give your presentation offline, save your file, and then share it to your instructor.

The Educational Value of Grammarly and the Question of Academic Dishonesty

An article on the educational value of Grammarly and if using the software is cheating (academic dishonesty) in English/EAP courses that assess language.

17 Time-Wasters for the ESL Classroom

A list of 17 time-wasting activities, useless games, and worthless ideas that English teachers can use in conversational English classroom. No preparation required (mostly)! Level up your life and teaching today.

The Simplest Way to Teach Idioms & Phrasal Verbs (Intermediate to Advanced ESL)

Let your intermediate to advanced-level ESL students teaching the class!. In this speaking activity, students teach idioms/phrasal verbs to each other.

Reflections on Teaching LINC in Toronto & Vancouver (under PBLA)

My opinion of being a LINC instructor after the introduction of the Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA) model.

Should I Become an IELTS Examiner? (My Review)

Advice for people considering becoming speaking or writing examiners for the IELTS from an experienced examiner and English teacher in Canada.

Building and Monetizing an ESL Website (General Advice)

Advice for English teachers who want to make money off an ESL website. Includes advice on building traffic, advertising, and data from Englishcurrent.com.

How I Built a Mobile Application (App) for English Idioms

My story on creating an Android application for studying English idioms using aiLive. Advice for English teachers who want to design an ESL mobile app.

ESL Teaching Tool: Socrative.com (for Live In-class Quizzes)

A free website for doing live quizzes with your students (and more). Great for engaging students, collaboration, and gauging understanding. ESL/EFL.

Reflections on Teaching English in Toronto (ESL/EFL)

Should you teach English in Toronto? Read my comments on the ESL industry, TESL courses, pay/salary, schools, & colleges.

Best Books for Teaching Business English (ESL/EFL)

My book recommendations for teaching business English. A review of Intelligent Business, Market Leader, and International Express textbooks for ESL class.

How to Teach Your First English Conversation Class

Tips for teaching your first English conversation class. For ESL/EFL Teachers. Advice on how to prepare for class and satisfy your first English students.

How I Teach English Grammar in Conversation Class

Tips for teaching English grammar in conversation class. How to handle English grammar questions & recommended English grammar books for teachers.

Using General Conversation to Teach Different English Levels (ESL)

Advice on using general conversation to teach English to beginner, intermediate, upper-intermediate, & advanced students of English. For ESL/EFL teachers.

Teaching English in Prague, Czech Republic

Some basic information and advice on teaching English in Prague in the Czech Republic.

How to Use English Current Lesson Plans

How ESL teachers can use the speaking, reading comprehension, and vocabulary building exercises from English Current's news lessons in their classes.

How to Teach English Conversation Class

How to teach English: Six Tips for Teaching Private or Group Conversational EFL/ESL Classes. How to be a good English teacher for private or group lessons.

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