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Here is a list of intermediate ESL lesson plans on a variety of topics for English conversation class. Note that there are over many lessons at this level, so be sure to click the ‘older posts‘ link at the bottom of the page to see more. If you’d prefer to see a list of lesson plan topics, please view the topic list.

Working from Home vs. Office (YouTube-based Lesson)

Lesson on working from home vs. in the office based on a short YouTube video. Download the worksheet for intermediate to advanced EFL levels.

Cultural Differences in North America (Intermediate Lesson)

Lesson on cultural shock & cultural differences in the United States, Canada, & Mexico for intermediate conversational English class.

Top Tourist Destinations & Travel Trends (Intermediate EFL Lesson)

An intermediate EFL lesson plan on the top four travel destinations of the year. Includes reading, vocabulary, and speaking exercises.

Bad Habits (Intermediate Lesson Plan)

Free intermediate lesson plan on bad habits. Includes warm-up questions, reading, vocabulary, and group work for ESL conversation class.

The Keys to Marriage (Intermediate ESL Lesson Plan)

Free PPP intermediate lesson plan on marriage and happiness.

Cooking Lesson Plan (Intermediate ESL)

Free intermediate lesson plan on cooking, recipes, and food. Includes role-plays.

Christmas Around the World (Intermediate Lesson Plan)

Free intermediate ESL/EFL lesson plan on Christmas traditions around the world.

Study: Humans Getting Dumber (Intermediate Evolution Lesson Plan ESL)

Free intermediate ESL lesson plan on intelligence & evolution. Includes debate & quotations.

Police Taser Blind Man (Intermediate Lesson Plan)

Free intermediate lesson plan about police tasering a blind man in the United Kingdom

Gangnam Style: Korean Pop Video Goes Viral (Intermediate Lesson Plan)

Free intermediate lesson plan on Gangnam Style, the viral Korean music video.

How to Swear in English (Intermediate & Upper Intermediate Lesson Plan)

Free intermed/upper-intermediate lesson about swearing in English. Not appropriate for most classes.

Myths about Health ESL Lesson Plan (Intermediate)

Free upper-intermediate lesson plan on common myths about health and medicine.

Travel & Tourism (Intermediate ESL Lesson Plan)

Free intermediate lesson plan on traveling, tourist destinations, eco-tourism & space tourism.

Etiquette & Manners (Intermediate ESL Lesson Plan)

Intermediate lesson plan on etiquette and manners. Includes ten etiquette scenarios for discussion.

Kony 2012 & Invisible Children (Intermediate Lesson Plan)

Free intermediate ESL lesson plan about Kony 2012, Invisible Children, and Africa.

Topic: Family ESL Lesson Plan (Intermediate)

Lesson plan on the family for intermediate English level. Other topics include parenting & marriage.

Job Interview ESL Lesson Plan (Intermediate)

Free intermediate English lesson plan on job interviewing & job interview questions.

Neighbor from Hell: Russian Businessman Alexei Zakharov (Intermediate News Lesson)

Intermediate news lesson plan about problems caused by a bad neighbor and bullying.

Gay Parade in Moscow Crushed By Police (Intermediate News Lesson Plan)

Free intermediate news lesson plan about a Moscow gay parade stopped by police on May 28th, 2011.

Apocalypse: World Fails to End, as Usual (Intermediate News Lesson Plan)

Intermediate news lesson plan about Harold Camping’s apocalypse prediction of May 22nd.

Hawking: Heaven is a ‘Fairy Story’ (Intermediate News Lesson)

Intermediate news lesson plan about physicist Stephen Hawking’s comments on God and Death.