The Difference between “How Far?” & “How Long?” (ESL)

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How to Make Questions with “How Far?” & “How Long?”

We use how far to talk about distance.

·      How far is our classroom from the washroom? It's about 30 metres.

We use how long to talk about the amount of time something takes.

·      How long is the movie? It's 2 hours.

Remember, when you make a question with a verb other than the be verb, you need to use an auxiliary verb (do/did, have/had, will, are/is, etc). For example:

·      How far do you usually walk? I walk 5 kilometres.  (Present Simple)

·      How long did you wait? I waited 30 minutes. (Past Simple)

·      How far will you drive? (Future Simple)

·      How long have you been living in Canada? (Present Perfect Continuous)

Exercise A. Choose the correct question word - how long or how far.

1. is New York from Los Angeles?

New York is about 2,900 miles from Los Angeles.

2. does she usually spend in traffic?

She usually spends 2 hours in traffic.

3. is Melbourne from Paris?

Melbourne is 12,249 miles far from Paris.

4 did he play tennis?

He played tennis for 30 minutes. you usually stretch in the morning?

I usually stretch for 10 minutes. the bus stop?

The bus stop is 200 meters away.

Show Answers

1-How far, 2-How long, 3-How far, 4-How long, 5-How long, 6-How far

Exercise B. Make questions to match the answers.

1.A: ? B: I slept for six hours.


How long did you sleep?

2. A: ? B: I have been working at my company for two years.


How long have you been working at your company?

3. A:? B: I rode my bicycle for 5 miles.


How far did you ride your bicycle?

4. A: ? B: My house is 15 kilometres from my work.


How far is your house from your work?

5. A: ? B: Kate waited an hour for the bus.


How long did Kate wait for the bus?

6. A: ? B: The lessons are 20 minutes.


How long are the lessons?

7. A: ? B: I had to stand for 30 minutes.


How long did you have to stand?

How Long for Physical Length

Of course, we can also use How long to talk about the physical length of something, e.g. your hair or a river. How long is the Nile river? How long was the line? In these questions, we are asking about length. This is the regular meaning of the word long.

Questions? Comments? Find a Mistake?

I hope this has helped you understand the difference between how far and how long. If you have a question, please ask it in the comments section below.

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      How far is there to The Space Museum?

      1. mb Post author (Posted on 4-14-2020 at 02:43) Reply

        “is there” is not needed here. You can write, “How far is the Space Museum?”

      2. Anonymous (Posted on 6-25-2020 at 15:50) Reply

        Can you say “how far the data I requested for “

        1. MB (Posted on 6-25-2020 at 17:05) Reply

          Hello. No, that makes no sense. Do you mean, “How long will it take to receive the data I requested?”

    3. Khushneet Kaur (Posted on 5-12-2020 at 03:59) Reply

      How long refers to time and how far refers to distance.

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    are we using how far and how Long for measurement?

    1. mb Post author (Posted on 8-24-2016 at 13:43) Reply

      Yes. ‘How far’ measures distance (‘How far is the station from here?’). ‘How long’ measures time (‘How long have you lived there?’) and also length (‘How long is her hair?’). See the ‘Note’ above.

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    1. mb Post author (Posted on 10-21-2017 at 21:55) Reply

      How far = distance (How far is London from Paris?)
      How long = time (How long is the class?) and length (How long is your hair?)

  18. Moez (Posted on 12-23-2017 at 23:45) Reply

    How far is the moon from the earth?
    The moon is 240000 miles far from the earth or away from the earth?

    1. mb Post author (Posted on 12-27-2017 at 02:29) Reply

      The moon is 240000 miles far from Earth.
      The moon is 240000 miles far away from Earth.

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    can we say: how far do you watch television?
    when the answer is : I sometimes watch television.

    1. mb Post author (Posted on 3-18-2021 at 13:34) Reply

      Hello. No. You should use ‘how often’ in that case.

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      How far is the supermarket (from here?)

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    The supermarket is 7km.

  36. Naltha (Posted on 5-28-2021 at 03:47) Reply

    How far or how long did you go in the car this morning?

    1. mb Post author (Posted on 5-28-2021 at 09:11) Reply

      How far. The answer will be “We drove as far as Smith St.”
      If you want to use ‘how long’, there are two options:
      1) The question, “How long were you in the car this morning?” The answer would be “20 minutes.”
      2) The question: “How long did you drive this morning?” The answer would be “5 kilometers.”

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      It is six hours and thirty-five minutes

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    Q: How far do you live from school?
    A: just 10 minutes away.
    Is that fine to answer like that?

    1. mb Post author (Posted on 1-9-2023 at 12:15) Reply

      Yes, but it’s an indirect way of answering the question. The direct answer would be “1 kilometer (away).” but if you say “just 10 minutes away”, the other person can guess the distance based on the time it takes.

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