Bad Habits to Break to Improve Your Life (Upper-Intermediate Lesson Plan)

ESL Level: Upper-Intermediate
Lesson Topic: breaking bad habits
Skill Focus
: Reading, Vocabulary, Speaking
Lesson Plan Download: bad-habits-lesson-upper-intermediate26092020.docx
Approximate Class Time: Two hours

Note: This lesson was designed for English teachers. Students, feel free to read the lesson and leave your answers to the questions in the comment area below.

Break your bad habits!

UPPER-INTERMEDIATE Bad Habits ESL Lesson Plan: Warm-Up

  1. What are some things that you like to do every day?
  2. What are some things that you should do every day that you don't always?
  3. You are about to read an article about bad habits. With a partner, try to predict the content by writing down a list of common bad habits.
  4. What's the best way to break a bad habit?

Reading: Bad Habits to Break to Improve Our Lives

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2 comments on “Bad Habits to Break to Improve Your Life (Upper-Intermediate Lesson Plan)

  1. Ming (Posted on 7-14-2021 at 21:58) Reply

    In the first warm-up question, there is an error. It should be “you like to do,” not “you do like to do”.

    1. mb Post author (Posted on 7-14-2021 at 23:27) Reply


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