Cooking Lesson Plan (Intermediate ESL)

ESL Level: Intermediate
Skill Focus: Reading, Vocabulary, Speaking
Lesson Plan Download: Cooking-Lesson-Plan-Intermediate-03052013.docx
Approximate Class Time: Two hours

A lesson plan on cooking

Cooking Lesson Plan (ESL): Warm-Up

1) What are life's simple pleasures?
2) How do you feel about cooking?
3) What is your favorite kind of food?

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Cooking Lesson Plan (ESL) copyright Matthew Barton of

4 comments on “Cooking Lesson Plan (Intermediate ESL)

  1. emily (Posted on 11-5-2013 at 20:40) Reply

    when you are cooking they are things that you should not do and things that you should do

  2. Anne (Posted on 10-6-2015 at 09:39) Reply

    I had a song to play as an introduction (Louis Jordan & The Tympany Five ~ Beans and Cornbread) and an idea for part of a lesson but needed some filler and some of this looks like just what I need- thanks!

  3. CHAVARRO MATA FABIAN (Posted on 11-18-2020 at 06:40) Reply

    1) What would you like to eliminate from your diet? fried food
    2) What are some disgusting things that people eat? Rodents
    3) Have you ever had food poisoning? no , thanks god
    4) Do you buy for organic food? Are you afraid of genetically modified food? Yes , i normally buy organic food and i afraid of genetically modified food
    5) How do you think technology will change how we eat in the future? I think that every day will be a lot of changes in the way of cultive searching the optimazation
    6) What restaurants in your area would you recommend? Bogota have a lots of restaurants , i recommend the international food´s restaurants
    7) Are men better chefs than women? no , i think that it´s not a question of gender

    1. mb Post author (Posted on 11-18-2020 at 12:23) Reply

      Hello. Some corrections:
      – Change “Thanks God” to “Thank god” (this is a set expression).
      – “i afraid” = “I am afraid of..”
      Thanks for the comments!

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