A Day Like No Other (Intermediate Lesson Plan)

ESL/EFL Level: Intermediate (B1)
Lesson Topics: natural disasters, survival
Skill Focus
: Reading, Vocabulary, Speaking
Approximate Class Time: 1.5 hours
Lesson Plan Download: day-like-no-other-story-intermediate-052023.docx
Lesson Overview:

  • This lesson is in a unique format. After warm-up questions, the lesson tells the (fictional) story of "A Day Like No Other", which is based on a hurricane that hit New England in 1938. The story is broken into four parts - morning, afternoon, evening, and the aftermath. After students read each part, they perform the corresponding speaking activities which include roleplays and a lifeboat dilemma.
  • Afterward, students do a read, recall, retell activity, match vocabulary to definitions, and then create discussion questions.
  • Next, the students try to use vocabulary from the lesson to create their own story based on four pictures. The lesson ends with a review of collocations and discussion questions.

Stormy clouds

Note: This is a new format I'm trying out. Teachers, if you have any feedback, please leave a comment below! - Matthew

INTERMEDIATE (B1) EFL Lesson Plan on A Day Like No Other

Warm-up Questions

  1. When did you last have a very unusual day? What happened?
  2. Speaking honestly, do you feel like your life is interesting or boring?
  3. Is there a risk of natural disasters (e.g. earthquakes, floods) where you live? If so, what kind?

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-- Lesson plan on A Day Like No Other written by Matthew Barton of EnglishCurrent.com (copyright). ChatGPT was used for help generating ideas and getting feedback. Site members may photocopy and edit the file for their classes. Permission is not given to rebrand the lesson, redistribute it on another platform, or sell it as part of commercial course curriculum. For questions, contact the author.

Vocabulary Answers: 1-e, 2-a, 3-d, 4-h, 5-b, 6-i, 7-j, 8-g, 9-c, 10-f, 11-k

Collocation Answers: 1-d, 2-c, 3-a, 4-e, 5-b

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1938_New_England_hurricane

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