Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace (Advanced EFL Lesson)

ESL/EFL Level: Advanced
Lesson Topic: Ethical dilemmas in the workplace
Skill Focus: Speaking, Reading, Vocabulary
Approximate Class Time: 1.75 hours
Lesson Plan Download: business-ethical-dilemmas-workplace-advanced-102022.docx
Lesson Overview:

  • The reading passage presents nine ethical dilemmas at the workplace for discussion. The dilemmas focus on freeloading, outsourcing, the pink tax, inappropriate humor, quiet quitting, aging, and toxic clients.
  • Other speaking activities include an office ethics Bingo game and workplace jokes.
  • All lessons come with warm-up questions, comprehension questions, a vocabulary section, and discussion questions.

Two people arguing in a meeting

ADVANCED Lesson on Ethical Dilemmas at the Workplace: Warm-up (Pair Work)

  1. Are there businesses you either support or do not support for ethical reasons?
  2. What are some examples of unethical business practices that have been in the news recently?
  3. Rank these professions in terms of how ethical they are perceived to be. Then discuss your rankings.

taxi drivers /  teachers / lawyers / politicians / doctors / car mechanics / priests

  1. What are some strategies for handling ethical dilemmas in the workplace?

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Vocabulary Answers: 1-b, 2-m, 3-j, 4-n, 5-c, 6-k, 7-a, 8-i, 9-g, 10-h, 11-f, 12-d, 13-e, 14-L

Vocabulary to describe workers answers: Answers vary. This for the purpose of discussion (and vocab. Building)

[1] Inspired by an activity by Frank Bucaro at"

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