Conditionals Table (0, 1st, 2nd, Third, Mixed Conditional Review)

Conditional Review Table (Zero, First, Second, Third, & Mixed Conditional)

NameExampleVerb FormTime / Usage
0 Conditional / Present RealIf/when it rains, the streets get wet.If/when I'm tired, I go to bed.Present + PresentPresent (always)
1st Conditional / Future RealIf/when it rains tomorrow, I'll bring my umbrella.Present + FutureFuture (real possibility)
2nd Conditional / Future & Present UnrealIf I won a million dollars, I would buy a boat.If I were the president, I would lower taxes.Past + would/could/might + base formFuture (unlikely)Present unreal situations
3rd Conditional / Past UnrealIf I had gone to the party yesterday, I would have met many people.Past Perfect + Perfect ModalPast unreal situations
Mixed ConditionalIf I had gone to the party, I would be tired now.Past Perfect + would/could/might + base formPast condition giving a present result

0 Conditional

  • Used to state general truths, facts, or habits.

1st Conditional

  • Used to predict future probabilities. The speaker believes the event is likely and a real possibility.

2nd Conditional

  • Used for unlikely or impossible events in the future: If I met an alien, I would ask many questions.
  • Used for situations that are not true now (Counterfactual): If I weren't here, I would be at home sleeping.

3rd Conditional

  • Used for Past Counterfactuals. If WWII had not happened, … .
  • Often used to express regret or mistakes: If you had told me to bring an umbrella, I would have brought one.

Mixed Conditional

  • IF clause uses 3rd conditional; result clause uses the 2nd If I hadn't eaten it, my stomach wouldn't be upset.
  • Less common: IF clause uses 2nd conditional; result clause uses 3rd conditional: If he were smart, he would have applied.



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