NATO Campaign in Libya Begins As Unrest Spreads Elsewhere (Advanced Lesson Plan)

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Libya News Lesson Plan Warm-up

  1. Have you ever been involved in a protest?
  2. How has Muammar Gadhafi been portrayed in the media? Do you support this portrayal?
  3. What is NATO? What is the role of the organization?

NATO Campaign in Libya Begins As Unrest Spreads Elsewhere

25 March 2011 | Based on VOA Special English News

On Thursday, NATO -- the North Atlantic Treaty Organization -- agreed to take command of a "no-fly zone" over Libya. A Canadian general will oversee the alliance's operation there. The United Nations Security Council gave the green light to impose the flight ban last week to protect civilians, including those in Benghazi. That eastern city is the center of the uprising against Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi.
Aircraft from an international coalition carried out new strikes Friday against Libyan military targets south of Benghazi. Earlier, the United Arab Emirates agreed to send twelve planes to help enforce the no-fly zone. Many experts surmise that air power alone will not protect civilians. Some wonder whether the objective should be to oust Colonel Gadhafi. But the United States says "regime change" is not the objective of the coalition.
Attempts have been made to settle the crisis diplomatically. Colonel Gadhafi sent a delegation to meet with African officials in Ethiopia on Friday. But the rebels did not send a representative.
Unrest has spilled over to neighboring Arab countries of Syria, Yemen and Jordan. There were reports from southern Syria on Friday that security forces killed fifteen or more anti-government protesters trying to reach Daraa, near the Jordanian border. Similar violence was reported there earlier in the week. In the Syrian capital of Damascus, after Friday prayers, at least two hundred people demonstrated in support of the people of Daraa.  Reuters news agency reported large numbers of arrests. [243 words]

News Lesson Plan Comprehension Questions: True or False

1)The United Arab Emirates has refused to participate in the operation. (True/False)
2) Experts believe that people of Libya need more than just air force protection. (True/False)
3) The United States has stated that they wish to remove Gadhafi from power. (True/False)
4) Gadhafi has shown interest in a diplomatic solution. (True/False)
5) The protests in Syria have been peaceful so far. (True/False)


1) False, 2) True, 3) False, 4) True, 5) False

Match the words with their meaning as used in the article.

unrest (noun)
green light
spill over
  • unrest - turmoil
  • elsewhere - abroad
  • oversee - manage
  • green light - permission
  • oust - expel
  • uprising - rebellion
  • surmise - conjecture
  • coalition - alliance
  • spill over - spread

News Lesson Plan: Master the Language

Connect the below ideas to make a sentence.

government   crush uprising
political parties          coalition
U.N.     oversee           elections
            rebels             oust
violence          spill over
NATO              green light
surmise          chance            war
war                 elsewhere
unrest             citizens
The government was making plans to crush the uprising.
The two political parties formed a coalition to fight the fascist party.
The United Nations oversaw the country's first democratic elections.
The rebels plan to oust the dictator.
Violence has spilled over the border into the neighboring country.
NATO has been given the green light to enforce the no-fly zone.
Experts surmise that there is a high chance of war in the near future.
Elsewhere, the war [waged on/continued].
Unrest has been growing among the country's citizens.

News Lesson Plan: Debate

Student A: You support the involvement of the U.N. and NATO in Libya. Think of reasons to support your argument (1-2 minute(s)). Present your reasons to the other student.

Student B: You are strongly against the involvement of the U.N. & NATO. Think of some reasons to support your argument (1-2 minute(s)). Present your argument to the other student.

News Lesson Plan: Discussion Questions

  1. Do you support the involvement of the U.N. & NATO in Libya?
  2. How is the situation in Libya different from that of Egypt?
  3. What do you think are the motives of the members of NATO?
  4. Are you optimistic about the future of Libya?
  5. Would you support a mission to remove Gadhafi?
  6. Should the right to protest be a universal right?
  7. Do you think will happen in the countries of Syria, Yemen, and Jordan?

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  1. Ali SHimal (Posted on 3-7-2021 at 12:21) Reply

    The NATO decided to enforce the protection of the no-fly over Libya. The United Arab Emirates also sent twelve planes to strengthen the air. The canadian general mange to supervise the alliance. The International Coalition was not sure whether or not the civilians would be safe. There was a diplomatic choise to settle the issue . In Damascus , after Friday prayers , there were protesters supporting the people of Daara , many of them were arrested.

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