Pronunciation: /r/ /l/ Minimal Pair Bingo Game

ESL Level: High Beginner+
Focus: Pronunciation of /r/ and /l/ sounds
Class time: 15-25 minutes
Materials: one card for every student, one set of minimal pairs cut up
Card Downloadr-l-pronunciation-bingo.docx

Description: This is a bingo card for practicing /r/ and /l/ sounds. This activity is suited for Japanese and Korean speakers of English

After demonstrating and practicing the differences between the /r/ and /l/ sounds, distribute a copy of the card to each student. The card contains a list of /r/ and /l/ minimal pairs (a minimal pair is two words that can be differentiated by only one letter sound, for example, rip and lip). Tell each student to put each word in a square (any square) of the card.

Once they've done that, ask one student to pick word from a hat (you'll have to cut them up beforehand) and read it to the class. The students should then cross out that word on their cards. Note that if the pronunciation of the student who read the word is so terrible that the word is ambiguous, help the student with his/her pronunciation. That way the other players will circle the correct word.

Continue until a student has crossed out a complete row of 5 consecutive squares (either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally). That player should yell out "Bingo!" He or she is the winner.

It's a good idea to keep a track of the words that have been pulled from the hat, so you can verify the winner(s) card at the end.

R & L Minimal Pairs:

light right

low row

lock rock

play pray

loot root

belly berry

lap rap

alive arrive

law raw

collect correct

lay ray

lead read

Game Preview:
bingo game for practicing r and l pronunciation

I hope your students enjoy this pronunciation activity for /l and /l/ sounds.

- Matthew Barton / Creator of

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    hello every one i know bingo and I play bingo to

  2. Mario (Posted on 2-24-2021 at 09:37) Reply

    I would be awesome to create a bingo focused on minimal pairs related to semantic areas. Students will find it more enjoyable.

  3. Mario (Posted on 2-24-2021 at 09:37) Reply


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