Trad Wives & Gender Roles (Advanced Lesson Plan)

ESL/EFL Level: Advanced (C1/C2)
Lesson Topics: gender roles, feminism
Skill Focus: Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary
Approximate Class Time: 1.75 hours
Lesson Plan Download: trad-wives-feminism-advanced-lesson-062024.docx
Lesson Overview:

  • This lesson is based on a 3:29-minute YouTube video about the 'trad wife' trend that has been popularized on social media. Followers of the trend adopt the traditional lifestyle of a homemaker instead of pursuing their own careers. The video questions whether the movement is a step back for women in terms of feminism.
  • After warm-up questions, students do a vocabulary-matching activity with 13 C1/C2-level phrases from the video. Next, students watch the short video (Australian accent) and complete comprehension questions. Finally, students match vocabulary from the video to definitions and then form discussion questions using the target vocabulary.
  • There are two debate topics--one about the value of the trad wife movement and one about whether feminism has achieved its goals. After, the lesson has two role-play scenarios involving a friend who becomes a trad wife and later has to get a divorce.
  • Other speaking activities include a review of past gender norms.
  • After famous quotations, the lesson ends with a review of vocabulary and collocations before presenting some final discussion questions.

AI-generated image of a trad wife in her kitchen

ADVANCED (C1/C2) Lesson on Trad Wives & Gender Roles


  1. Were your older female relatives (mother, aunts) homemakers or did they work as well? Did they seem happy?
  2. Given the chance, would you like to be a stay-at-home parent?
  3. What does feminism mean to you?

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Comprehension Question Answer Key

  1. She believes that it is due to a ‘nostalgia’ for simpler times and simpler living, which is being driven by social media.
  2. The other factor is the financial means ($$$) needed to have this lifestyle. This sends a mixed message because the funding required to live this lifestyle, supported by only one income earner, isn’t available to most people.
  3. The criticism includes that it promotes outdated gender norms, it increases their dependency on their partner, and promotes inequalities in the domestic (housework) load. 

Vocabulary 1-lean into, 2-reinforced, 3-nostalgia, 4-vocal, 5-control all the purse strings, 6-privilege, 7-irks, 8-means, 9-autonomy, 10-break it all down, 11-rustic, 12-nuturing, 13-aligned

Collocations 1-c, 2-a, 3-h, 4-g, 5-b, 6-e, 7-d, 8-f

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