Listening Game: Practice Listening with Youtube Videos (Ted Talks, Friends, etc)

Students, this is a game to help you improve your listening skills and English vocabulary with your favourite videos.

First, select a popular Youtube clip below to start the listening challenge.

TV Sitcom “Friends”

Joey and Chandler watch TV

[Intermediate] Joey & Chandler become lazy (4:37)

Joey's sister has a problem

[Intermediate] Joey’s Sister’s Problem Pt.1 (4:05)

Friends episode about pregnancy

[Intermediate] Joey’s Sister’s Problem Pt.2 (4:30)

Listen to Friends to study English!

[Intermediate] The Test Pt. 1 (4:47)

Watch Friends - The lightening round!

[Intermediate] The Test Pt. 2 (4:48)

TV Sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”

How I Met Your Mother "Pharma Girls" episode

[Upper-Intermed] Pharma Girls (4:33)

Jennifer Lopez on How I Met Your Mother

[Upper-Intermed] Jennifer Lopez as Anita (5:27)

TED Talks

Practice listening with TED Talks

[Intermediate] Try something new for 30 days (3:20)

The world's English mania

[Intermediate] The world’s English mania (4:27)

TED Talk about the silence of danger

[Advanced] The danger of silence (4:16)

TED - Keep your goals to yourself

[Upper-Intermed] Keep your goals to yourself (3:13)

Other Videos (Speeches, Etc)

Winston Churchill Speech

[Upp-Intermed.] Churchill – Their Finest Hour (End) (1:37)

Improve your listening with this funny wedding speech

[Advanced.] Stephen Merchant – Wedding Speech (Comedy/British English) (1:35)

Steve Jobs Speech

[Upp-Intermed.] Steve Jobs – Graduation Speech Pt. 1 (5:15)

Steve Job speech to college graduates

[Upp-Intermed.] Steve Jobs – Graduation Speech Pt. 2 (3:29)

Steve Jobs Speech Pt 2

[Upp-Intermed.] Steve Jobs – Graduation Speech Pt. 3 (5:43)

Instructions (Read First)

  1. Click on one of the above videos (Friends, TED, etc). You must do this before the next step.
  2. Press the Start Video button to begin the listening game.
  3. As you listen, type the missing word for each sentence in the [sentence] area below this box.

You do not need to use your mouse to stop and start the video. It will automatically stop so you can type in the answer. To replay a sentence, use the ‘replay‘ button below.

If you enter the correct word, you will gain 100 points and the next sentence will appear. However, you will lose 25 points for replaying a sentence and 100 points for displaying the answer. Good luck!


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Every week, new videos will be added for you to practice. If you have any requests or technical difficulties, please leave a comment below.

— Listening Game designed by Matthew Barton of

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3 comments on “Listening Game: Practice Listening with Youtube Videos (Ted Talks, Friends, etc)

  1. Aya (Posted on 12-18-2017 at 18:26) Reply

    I think it is helpful and fun ;)

  2. Trupti Totale (Posted on 2-13-2018 at 16:47) Reply

    I like Ted Talks. It is very thoughtful and clear speech.

    1. mb Post author (Posted on 2-17-2018 at 19:32) Reply

      I saw your name in the Hall of Fame. Come back and play again anytime!

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