Listening Game: Practice Listening with Youtube Videos (Ted Talks, Friends, etc)

Students, improve your listening and English vocabulary by watching your favourite Youtube videos. Every week, new videos will be added for you to practice. If you have any requests, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

First, select a popular Youtube clip to watch below.

TV Sitcom “Friends”

Joey's sister has a problem

[Intermediate] Joey’s Sister’s Problem Pt.1 (4:05)

Friends episode about pregnancy

[Intermediate] Joey’s Sister’s Problem Pt.2 (4:30)

Listen to Friends to study English!

[Intermediate] The Test Pt. 1 (4:47)

TED Talks

Practice listening with TED Talks

[Intermediate] Try something new for 30 days (3:20)

The world's English mania

[Intermediate] The world’s English mania (4:27)

TED Talk about the silence of danger

[Advanced] The danger of silence (4:16)

Other Videos (Speeches, Etc)

Winston Churchill Speech

[Upp-Intermed.] Churchill – Their Finest Hour (End) (1:37)

Questions? Video Requests? Find a mistake? Leave a comment below!

— Listening Game designed by Matthew Barton of

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