Amazon: A Human Price for Convenience? (Advanced EFL Lesson Plan)

ESL Level: Advanced
Lesson Topics:  Amazon, Scientific Management, Online Shopping
Skill Focus
: Speaking, Reading, Vocabulary
Lesson Plan Download:  amazon-lesson-upper-advanced-042022.docx
Approximate Class Time: 2.25 hours

A warehouse full of boxes

ADVANCED Amazon & Employee Treatment: Warm-up (Pair Work)

  1. What services does the company Amazon provide? Make a list with a partner.
  2. What is your opinion of Amazon?
  3. What criticisms have you heard of the company? Do you know anyone who has worked there?

Reading: Amazon: Are We Paying a Human Price for Convenience?

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Lesson plan on Amazon & Scientific Management copyright Matthew Barton of May be downloaded and printed for classroom use.

2 comments on “Amazon: A Human Price for Convenience? (Advanced EFL Lesson Plan)

  1. David Chapman (Posted on 10-2-2022 at 06:27) Reply

    Surely the answers to these questions would help? There is no answers sheet. Meaning I have to do the activity myself to find the answers??

    1. mb Post author (Posted on 10-2-2022 at 08:40) Reply

      Hello David. Do you mean for the comprehension questions based on the passage? I’d never thought to include them, thinking they should be obvious to the instructor (i.e. Yes, you’d have to do the reading and find the answers yourself). With this advanced lesson plan, I can see the argument for it being helpful. If that’s your suggestion, then I think it’s a good one in cases where the answers aren’t straightforward especially. I’ll make a note to start including them.

      Note: I’ve updated the .DOCX with some answers.

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