Meme: Imagine You Were Born in 1900 (Advanced Lesson Plan)

ESL Level: Advanced
Lesson Topics:  generational differences, history, perspective
Skill Focus
: Speaking, Reading, Vocabulary
Lesson Plan Download: born-in-1900-advanced-lesson-052022.docx
Approximate Class Time: 2 hours

Note to students: This lesson was made for English teachers. However, feel free to read the lesson and leave your answers to the questions in the comment area below.

The hands of a male senior citizen

ADVANCED Lesson Plan on Perspective & Generational Differences: Warm-up (Pair Work)

  1. What were the lives of your grandparents like?
  2. How would you describe your generation?
  3. Generally speaking, do you feel that people of your generation have had difficult or easy lives?
  4. With your partner(s), make a list of major world events that have occurred since the year 1900.

Reading: Imagine You Were Born in 1900 (Meme)

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