Darwin Awards Lesson Plan (Advanced ESL/EFL)

Note to Teachers: This lesson plan might be considered cruel by some students. Please pre-read and use your best judgement to determine if it's suitable for your class.

Download the Darwin Awards Lesson Plan (ESL) here: Darwin-Awards-Lesson-ESL-Advanced-14102012.doc

Darwin Awards Lesson Plan (ESL): Advanced

A lesson plan on the Darwin Awards

Darwin Awards Lesson Plan (ESL): Warm-up (Pair Work)

1) What are some of the stupidest things you have ever done?
2) How important is it to you (or your parents) that you pass on your genes, i.e. have children?
3) Have you ever had a near-death experience? (note: please avoid telling extremely sad stories)
4) What are potentially deadly things that you encounter every day?

Best of the Darwin Awards: Reading

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