Exercises on So/So many/So much/Such/Too/Too many/Too much

Grammar Focus: so, too, such,  so/too many, so/too much

ESL Level: Intermediate and Upper-intermediate

Pair-work Activity Downloadso-too-many-much-pairwork.docx

Students, complete the practice exercises below. Teachers, download the pair-work activity from the link above.

To read an explanation of the differences between so and too, view this page. For the differences between so and such, view this page.

too many e-mails!

This person has too many emails to read in one day!

Exercises Group #1 – So/Too/Such, So/Too Many & So/Too Much

  1. This cake is  delicious. I want another piece!
  2. There were  people in the train, so I couldn’t get on.
  3. My husband is  a nice guy.
  4. It was  hot that we didn’t want to go outside.
  5. Yesterday was  a nice day.
  6. When I was a child, I had  free time. I loved it.
  7. The salaries at that company are  high. I want to work there!


Exercises Group #2 – So/Too/Such, So/Too Many & So/Too Much

  1. The child was  young, so he couldn’t see the movie.
  2. Jane has  shoes. She should sell some.
  3. You are  beautiful.
  4. You put  salt in the soup. It tastes terrible.
  5. I had never heard  beautiful music.
  6. There’s  rain in Vancouver. I prefer Toronto.
  7. I had  a great time last night.


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