The Keys to Marriage (Intermediate ESL Lesson Plan)

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Note: This is a PPP (Presentation, Practice, Production) ESL lesson plan about happiness in marriage. It was made for a class of 15 students. The instructions for the lesson plan are below. The instructions and materials (reading, comprehension questions, vocab. cards) can be found in the above .doc.  

Before-class Preparation:

  1. To print: one copy of reading (page 4 & 5 in the Word document) for each student, one copy of picture on page 3, one copy of page 6 & 7 for each group (students will be in groups of 3)
  2. Cut the definition and example sentences on page 6 & 7 into strips. Have one full set of strips for each group of 3.

Warm-up Groups of 3 – (10 m)

(On Board): “The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret. – Henny Youngman“

Questions for pair work:

  1. Do you agree or disagree?
  2. How do people usually meet in your home country?
  3. At what age do people get married in your home country?

Pre-reading – Groups of 3 (15 m)

1) Show Ss (students) picture (page 3)

-> Who are they? Why are they in the newspaper? (Don’t give away answer)

2) Put Ss in groups of 3. Give a set of vocab cards to each group. Show them an example sentence from one of the strips. Tell them they have to find the strip of paper that contains definition of the underlined word in the sentence. Tell them to use the context, not their dictionaries.

Take up answers when students have finished.

Scanning Questions (3 minutes)

Write the below questions on the board. Give Ss three minutes to find the answers.

  1. When did they marry?
  2. How old are they?
  3. What did they receive?

Check answers together

Reading (10 minutes) 

Have Ss read the story (page 4). Tell them not to use their dictionaries until they’ve read it once!

Comprehension Questions – Pair work (10 min)

Put students in pairs. Have them answer the comprehension questions (page 5).

Discussion Questions – (10 min)

See bottom of page 5.

Production – Key to Marriage – Group work (15 min)

Put students in group. Tell them they are going to make a list of ‘the keys to marriage.’ Tell them to assign one student as the secretary. They should come up with a list of keys to marriage. When finished, they will present their list to the class. Each student should speak in the presentation.

Extra  (Time permitted)– Marriage Quotations (10 mins)

Give out quotations (on page 3) to groups. Discuss in groups. -Or-  give one quotation to each group. Have them discuss the meaning. After five minutes, have them share the quotation with the class and explain what it means.


– Keys to Marriage Lesson Plan created by Matthew Barton of

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