English Pronunciation Drill Sheet for the Japanese

Drill Sheet: Difficult English Words for the Japanese to Pronounce

I teach English to grades 1-9 at a Japanese school. To improve their pronunciation of English, I created this sheet with 24 difficult English words for Japanese people to pronounce. I use this pronunciation drill sheet for 2 minutes at the beginning of class to drill them on proper English pronunciation. I’ve even used this with my grade 2 class, and after only two classes they can already do the tongue twister at the bottom (she sells seashells by the seashore)!

Take a look. If you want to download the English pronunciation drill file, here it is: Japanese-pronunciation_words.doc

The drill sheet focuses on s/sh, r/l, and bad katakana pronunciation.

Pronunciation Drill Sheet Preview

Pronunciation drill sheet for Japanese students fo English

Here is a list of English words that Japanese students have difficulty pronouncing:

seat / sheet




peanut butter

t-shirt / t-shirts

video game


river / liver

rice / lice

play / pray






french fries


world wide web


..and two English tongue twisters at the bottom. The file is a .DOC so you can edit it as you’d like.

Have fun with your Japanese students.

And drill ’em hard!

– Matthew Barton of Englishcurrent.com

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