Friends’ Video – Listening for Connected Speech (ESL)

ESL Level: Intermediate / Upper-intermediate

Class time: 25 minutes

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I spent an hour or so trying to find a funny clip containing connected speech to show my class. This (slightly) funny clip was the best I could find. It has some good examples of connected speech. Be forewarned that it has the word 'hell' in it ("What the hell is that?").

Note: Before showing the clip, tell the class that the guys have a pet chick in their apartment.

Connected Speech — Friends

Before listening: Mark dialogue for connected speech (C+C) and (C+V)

After listening:

1) Mark stress in each sentence.

2) Mark intonation

[Rooster Crowing]

Rachel: What the hell is that???

Rachel: What the hell is that??? Is that you?

[Growling angrily]

Monica: Wow. You're really not a morning person.

Rachel: Just back off!

[Walks to neighbors' apartment]

Rachel: Get up! Get up!

Rachel: What is that noise?

Chandler: You!

Joey: It's the chick. She's … going through some changes.

Monica: What kind of changes?

Chandler: The vet seems to think that she's … becoming a rooster. [Crowing ] We're getting a second opinion.


Of course, after the students change the dialogue into connected speech and listen for stress and intonation, then you should have them practice it twice. Get the best pair to stand up and perform the skit in front of the class.

- Matthew Barton of


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      Hello. Sorry, no I do not have a copy with the word stress noted. It should be something that you can do with your students I hope.

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