Comparatives & Superlatives: Discussion Questions Activity (ESL)

ESL Level: Pre-Intermediate – Upper-Intermediate

Language Focus: Comparatives and Superlatives, Grammar and Speaking

Materials: One copy of sheet per student

Time required: 20 minutes

Worksheet Download: comparatives-superlatives-conversation-questions.docx

Description: In this activity, students take turns asking (interesting) questions to each other using superlatives and comparatives

(Students: You can do exercises for comparatives and superlatives here)

Activity Execution:

Put students in pairs. Give one set of questions to each student (StudentA or StudentB). Have the students complete the sentences using a comparative or superlative individually. When they are finished, check their sentences. Then tell them to ask the questions to each other.

Note: When the students are asking the questions to each other, don’t let them show the questions on the paper. This way, the students focus on speaking clearly and listening (and not reading).

Comparatives & Superlatives Worksheet Preview:

Student A

Insert a superlative or comparative into the below questions. When finished, ask them to your partner.

  1. What country is ______________________ (good) to live in? Why?
  2. What is ______________________ (scary) movie you have seen?
  3. Is it ______________________ (good) to be smart and ugly or unintelligent and good-looking?
  4. What is ______________________ (hot) place you have ever been to?
  5. What is ______________________ (bad) present you have ever gotten?
  6. What is ______________________ (dangerous) job?
  7. Which is ______________________ (bad): falling in love with someone and then having your heart broken, or never having met that person?

— – — — – —

Student B

Insert a superlative or comparative into the below questions. When finished, ask them to your partner.

  1. Who is ______________________ (interesting) person you know?
  2. Which is ______________________ (bad) for your health: alcohol or marijuana?
  3. What is ______________________ (embarrassing) thing you have done recently?
  4. Is it better to date someone who is _________________ (old) or __________________ (young) you?
  5. What was ______________________ (important) invention in history?
  6. What is ______________________ (disgusting) dish you have ever eaten?
  7. Which is ______________________ (bad): having your tongue cut off, or having a leg cut off?

I hope your students enjoy this speaking activity for asking questions with superlatives and comparatives.

– Matthew Barton of

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