Yes/No & Tag Question Bingo Game (Intermediate ESL)

Simple Game for Practicing Yes/No Questions (ESL)

Target Language: yes/no questions, tag questions, or negative questions

ESL Level: lower-intermediate to upper-intermediate

Class Time: 30 minutes

Blank Bingo Card: yes-no-question-bingo.docx

Summary: Students ask questions that match an answer they have on their Bingo card.

Bingo is a simple game that can be used in a variety of speaking activities.

In this activity, students ask questions to each other to elicit an answer that matches a square on their card. For example, if the square of their card says, “No, he can’t.“, then the student has to ask a question to a classmate to elicit that answer, e.g:

  • Can your father speak English well? (Yes/No Question)
  • Kensaku can’t speak German, can he? (Tag Question)
  • Can’t your brother dance ballet? (Negative Question)

Once an answer has been elicited, that square can be crossed off on the card. The first student to cross off a certain number of squares (you, the teacher, decides how many squares means a victory — e.g. five in a row, or the whole card) is the winner and the winner shouts “Bingo!”

I used this activity with upper-intermediate students to review tag questions. They enjoyed it. You could set the game up in two ways:

1. Make two separate cards (one sample below) and distribute them to students.


2. Give students blank cards and have them enter short answers into it (I’d do this before you explain the aim of the activity).


Sample Card: Yes/No Question Bingo

play Bingo to practice speaking English

Sample Bingo Card: Blank

Play Bingo to review yes/no questions

I’m sure you can find a way to make this speaking activity work for your ESL class.

— Matthew Barton / Creator of

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  1. Luciara Rodrigues (Posted on 7-29-2020 at 06:15) Reply

    I loved this activity!! Even now, teaching online, it was a great Tool! Thanks a Million!

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