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The Egg (Short Story) (Upper-Intermediate/Advanced Lesson)

ESL/EFL Level: Upper-intermediate & Advanced Lesson Topic: Creation, the meaning of life, empathy Skill Focus: Listening, Vocabulary, Speaking Approximate Class Time: 1.25 hours Lesson Plan Download: the-egg-short-story-upper-intermediate-advanced.docx Lesson Overview: This lesson is based on a short (7:55m) but powerful animated short story by Andy Weir. The themes include creation, the meaning of life, family, reincarnation, and […]

“How to Grow Old” by Bertrand Russell (Advanced Lesson Plan)

Advanced lesson on Russell’s essay on how to grow old well. Includes reading, vocabulary & speaking activities for EFL conversation class.

Regrets of the Dying (Upper-Intermediate Lesson Plan)

Lesson on regrets people have before dying. Topics: bucket lists, death, past modals, & wishes. For upper-intermediate EFL conversation class

The School (Short Story): Comprehension, Discussion & Vocabulary Questions (ESL)

Free upper-intermediate reading lesson plan on Donald Barthelme’s short story The School. Great for studying bucket lists and grammar for regret.

Hawking: Heaven is a ‘Fairy Story’ (Intermediate News Lesson)

Intermediate lesson plan about physicist Stephen Hawking’s comments on God and Death.