The Egg (Short Story) (Upper-Intermediate/Advanced Lesson)

ESL/EFL Level: Upper-intermediate & Advanced
Lesson Topic: Creation, the meaning of life, empathy
SkillĀ Focus
: Listening, Vocabulary, Speaking
Approximate Class Time: 1.25 hours
Lesson Plan Download: the-egg-short-story-upper-intermediate-advanced.docx
Lesson Overview:

  • This lesson is based on a short (7:55m) but powerful animated short story by Andy Weir. The themes include creation, the meaning of life, family, reincarnation, and empathy. The video is hosted on YouTube.
  • The lesson focuses on several idioms and includes a list of discussion questions.
  • The lesson is in an abbreviated format (two pages).

A singular egg in a nest

UPPER-INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED Lesson on The Egg (Short Story)

Warm-up Questions

  1. What do you think happens after death?
  2. Why does the thought of death usually worry people?
  3. In what ways do you feel connected to other people?

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Vocabulary Review Answers: 1-to no avail, 2-to mince words, 3-a void, 4-contemptuously, 5-consolation, 6-reincarnation

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