Topic: Marriage & Life-Long Loving (Upper-Intermediate Lesson Plan)

Download the Life-long Loving (Marriage) ESL Lesson plan here: Topic-Love-Marriage-UppIntermediate-29112011.doc

The Love & Marriage Unit: Upper-Intermediate

Note to teachers:
This is lesson 2 of 3 in a unit on love and marriage. The lessons are as follows:

Flowers for a wedding

Lesson 2 of 3: Life-long Loving (Marriage) Lesson Plan

[Note to teachers: Encourage students to think abstractly. Avoid having them scrutinize their own relationships in depth.]

  1. What is a wedding ceremony like in your country?
  2. How has the idea of marriage changed throughout history?
  3. What is your experience with divorce?
  4. Is the divorce rate high in your country? If so, what factors contribute to this?

Marriage ESL Lesson Plan: Two Opinions (read as a group)

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