Topic: Reasons for Love (Upper-Intermediate Lesson Plan)

Download the Reasons for Love ESL Lesson plan here: Topic-Love-Reasons-UppIntermediate-28112011.doc

The Love & Marriage Unit: Upper-Intermediate

Note to teachers:
This is lesson 1 of 3 in a unit on love and marriage. The lessons are as follows:

I created lesson one with my students in mind. I know them well and we enjoy discussing philosophical issues in depth. The first page of lesson one may be difficult for groups of students who don't know each other well or just don't like thinking deeply about issues. Lesson one may not be suitable for many groups. However, lessons 2 & 3 are very general and should be suitable for everyone.

Lesson 1 of 3: Reasons for Love Lesson Plan

[Note to teachers: Encourage students to think abstractly. Avoid having them scrutinize their own relationships in depth.]

Is there a reason why we love our beloved?

Reasons for Love ESL Lesson Plan: Warm-up (Pair Work)

  1. Do you know the story of how your parents met?
  2. Do you have any possessions that you can say you love? What are they?
  3. Do opposites attract? Do we like people who are similar or dissimilar to us?
  4. Do you believe pheromones for humans exist?

Reasons for Love: Introduction to Key Philosophical Issues (read as group)

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