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Language Focus: APA7 Formatting (and some paraphrasing)

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In October 2019, the seventh version of the APA style manual was released. Thankfully, the changes have made it a little more flexible (fonts) but also a little more uniform (header).

APA 7 Manual

Find below a worksheet I made for my college class that covers what I feel are the most significant changes. Note that the worksheet is based on the changes summarized here: https://www.scribbr.com/apa-style/apa-seventh-edition-changes/ .

Note: The formatting of headers differs depending on whether the document is intended for publication (if so, follow the style of the link above) or not. For students creating assignments that will not be published, the format is to only have the page number in the right corner with no Running head/TITLE in the header at all. See here for a sample.

Teachers, you may want to adapt the worksheet to better suit the APA needs of your class. You can preview the worksheet below and download it in its entirety from the link above.

APA Version 7 Worksheet Preview

APA 7 Worksheet

  1. Where do page numbers appear in an essay?
    1. In the bottom left of the footer
    2. In the bottom right of the footer
    3. In the top right of the header
    4. In the top of the left header
  2. If the title of your essay is “Plastic-Produced Problems”, what would your header be on the first page of your essay? (Note: different in APA7)
  1. What would it be on the second page?
  1. What font size and font do APA documents use? (note: This has changed in APA7)
  1. How should references be listed in the APA reference list?
    1. In order according to when used within the paper
    2. In alphabetical order according to the author’s last name
    3. In chronological order based on year of publication
    4. In alphabetical order according to publication title
  1. Imagine that you have read the below article.

You have decided that you want to use this idea in your essay: “just 25 per cent in of plastic bottles were recycled the U.S. in 2017”

    • Paraphrase the above quotation into your own words. Write it below. After, add an in-text citation.


    • Add the source to your References below.




  1. Choose the correct reference for the below source. (Note: this has changed in APA7)

Notes: “Adapting Historical Citations to APA Style” is a journal article by Donald Godfrey that was published in 2005 in the Journal of Broadcasting. The journal’s volume number is 49, the issue number is 4, and the article appears on pages 544-547. The DOI for the article is 01.1207/s15506878jobem4904_15.

    1. Donald, G. (2005). Adapting historical citations to APA Style. Journal of broadcasting, 49(4), 544-547. DOI: 01.1207/s15506878jobem4904_15.
    2. Godfrey, D. Adapting historical citations to APA Style. Journal of broadcasting, 49(4), 544-547. DOI: 01.1207/s15506878jobem4904_15.
    3. Godfrey, D. (2005). Adapting historical citations to APA Style. Journal of broadcasting, 49(4), 544-547. https://doi.org/ 01.1207/s15506878jobem4904_15
    4. Godfrey, D. (2005). Adapting Historical Citations to APA Style. Journal of broadcasting, 49(4), 544-547.


  1. Which would be the correct citation for a book in APA7 style?
    1. Green, R. G. (1958). The Tale of Troy (3rd ed.). Toronto, ON: Puffin Classics.
    2. Green, R. G. (1958). The Tale of Troy (3rd ed.). Puffin Classics.
    3. The Tale of Troy. (1958) Retrieved from Green, R.G. Puffin Classics.


  1. Which is the correct in-text citation for an article with three authors (in APA7)?
    1. (Brown et al., 2018)
    2. (Brown, Jones, & Harper, 2018)
    3. (Brown…, 2018)

Answer Key

  1. c
  2. (number ‘1’ in far right corner)
  3. (number ‘2’ in far right corner)
  4. Times New Roman 12”, and also now Calibri 11, Arial 11, Lucida Sans Unicode 10, and Georgia 11.
  5. b
  6. 1) In 2017, only a quarter of plastic bottles in the United States were recycled (Chung, 2020) 2) Chung, E. (2020) What really happens to plastic drink bottles you toss in your recycling bin. CBC News. https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/bottle-recycling-1.5416614
  1. (DOIs and URLs are both shown as hyperlinks preceded by http:// or https://)
  2. (publisher location no longer needed)
  3. a

I hope you find this APA 7 worksheet useful for your writing classes.

— Matthew Barton (copyright) / Creator of Englishcurrent.com

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